Attempting to affix to a VMware Horizon view virtual desktop computer from external throws the error: “The screen protocol for this desktop computer is currently not available. Please contact your device administrator.”


You effort to affix to a virtual desktop from the internet with the VMware see Horizon customer which passes the web traffic to VMware Horizon View security server which then contacts the View link server which climate attempts to develop a link to the VDI yet fails v the adhering to message:

The display protocol because that this desktop is currently not available. Please call your device administrator.

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While over there are assorted reasons why this error would certainly be thrown, among them is if her View connection server has actually a stale DNS entry to the digital desktop. A client recently contacted me come troubleshoot this error message and what the problem ended as much as be was the the online desktops were adjusted to another port group and also while the DNS entries were updated ~ above the domain controllers in the same active Directory site, the View connection servers were making use of DNS servers native a different active Directory website so the transforms to the DNS entries were not immediately obtainable causing this error to it is in thrown.

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Dear Luk, We have correct DNS record on every DC's, but still gaining the same. Can you please carry out the all the usual scenarios to reason this issue. Also i want to upgrade one thing is, we have enabled two various ports indigenous firewall to access the VDI's from Internet. From this moment we started receiving this type of cases.I'm not certain whether this configuration causing the worry or not, if correct please indicate how can we settle it. Many thanks in advance.

May 11, 2020 in ~ 7:00 AM


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Restart desktop fixed the difficulty for me.