Every day, more wacky theories would certainly fly. Time to let that go and also just let that die.

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Don Caron – “The day Collusion Died”


“The work Collusion Died” (2019)

In this parody the the standard pop song “American Pie,” Don Caron mocks the cool collusion delusion and the collective insanity that dominated US politics discourse for 22 months.


Caron is plainly no trump card apologist or support (“We all understand that he is corrupt” ). In fact, Caron has actually skewered and satirized trump card in a couple of other brilliant songs. In this song, however, he ridicules those who had a misguided and “desperate … hope to view a trial” that the president and his cronies. 

Included in the perform of riculous fools to be the “corporate media hacks” that “lost their mind together they blundered backward fully blind.” because that 2 years!

Then, a few weeks ago, on the tragic day, collusion died. The Trumped-up music i will not ~ play, and in truth it never ever did. As for the media, “they’re tho singing” – which just method that “the damages will amplify.” That
will be tragic. (Image source)

Don Caron / The Parody Project

Don Caron is a composer and film-maker that has functioned in the entertainment market for end 40 years.

In 2017, he established The Parody Project “as a method of enduring the existing political and social mire by laughing.”

With antidotes such together “The day Collusion Died,” he provides us a little bit of hope that we can survive the coming few years. If not, at the very least we’ll go down laughing.

Two lengthy years earlier the probe began and also many assumed that sooner or later it would certainly make them smile.And those who stated it had no chancewere scowled upon and also seen askanceso desperate to be the expect to check out a trial.

But February do them shiver as it came clear he’d not deliver.The news that they desiredwas not to be acquired.

I know that many world criedwhen they review the news, it hurt their pride,so deeply in the pipe dream mired the work collusion died.

So bye, bye come the collusion lie,Russian agents, Putin’s puppet, and also a plot to deny.From each new event just how the conjecture would certainly fly.Can lock let the go and also just let that die?Let the go and also just let that die.

We all recognize that he is corruptand his list of crimes is structure upso I’ll just list them down below.While emoluments could’ve kicked the goalcollusion was their favored rollinvestigating all of it genuine slow.

Well, the media then lost their mindas they blundered backward fully blind.Collusion ended up being news,evidence not an important for clues.

The various other news story all were then chuckedwhile collusion filled every news truckBut ns knew castle ran out of happy the day collusion died.

But they maintained singingBye, bye he’s a Russian allyPutin puppet, Russian agent, and also a treasonous spyand every day, much more wacky theories would certainly fly. Time to let the go and just permit it come die. Let that go and also just let it die.

Now as soon as Mueller approve his reportthe media might not contort itto save face, despite they go try.They lost all credibility.Embarrassed is what they should be,and the damages done they cannot deny.

They offered victory come the president,validation together if sky sent.The courtroom was adjourned,no verdict was returned.And currently when the screams about fake newshe’ll it is in correct thanks to your ruse.The “Witch Hunt” hell rightfully accusethe work collusion died.

‘Cause they were singingBye, bye he is a Russian allyPutin puppet, Russian agent, and a treasonous spyAnd every day, more crazy theories would certainly flytime come let that go and also just permit it come die. Let the go and also just let that die.

I met a girl who sang the blues.She she asked me for some happy news.I offered, yet she just turned away.Those who adhered to actual factsinstead of “liberal media” hackswould recognize that Mueller knew the just way.

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He farmed the end criminal indictmentsto 7 districts, yes excitement,all of castle pardon-proof,not prefer the collusion spoof.So very closely he walk anointa prosecution beginning pointthe result couldn’t disappointthe work collusion died.

Yet they’re quiet singingBye, bye he is a Russian allyPutin puppet, Russian agent, and a treasonous spy.The Russian hysteria to be misplaced outcry.Time to let it go and just let it die. Let it go and also just let the die.

So, bye, bye to the collusion lie,Collusion obsession provided the push a black color eye.And if lock persist the damages will amplifyTime to let the go and also just let it die. (Image source) lyrics by Don Caron / Parody Project,
courtesy of YouTube.comReference – ParodyProject.com

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