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Peter Wentz
The Boy v The thorn In His next Book(Fall the end Boy, Clandestine) This items is not obtainable for purchase. Sorry!
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Claudia from Fresno, CA
Jun 27 2006Rating:

Some human being say the this book makes no sense yet if your no going 2 take time to really take in what the is speak your better off no wasting your time. However if you execute take the moment 2 think around it her heart will go the end to the boy through the thorn in his side and also though pete says it has nothing 2 perform with that it is simply a dream. You deserve to tell there is a part of pete reflected in the boy v the thorn in his side.

Shane native Saltsburg, PA
May 27 2006Rating:

Pete should simply stick to playing bass and put the pen down. That sounds means to desperate for the right combination of words to obtain his point across but by the moment you get to the finish of his chant you can"t psychic what he was talking around or what the means. This book seems like it was written for 14 year old girl who have actually a crush on Pete to say WOW! isn"t the amazing? however like I stated he need to stick come the guitar he is much far better at that.

Roubina from La Crescenta, CA
Feb 27 2006Rating:

"The Boy through A thorn In His Side" is me. It"s likewise you, her siblings, her parents, and everyone you"ve ever met. Everyone has had a time in your life whereby they have felt choose the young in Pete Wentz"s book, even if it is it was for 20 seconds or 20 years. Anyone thats approximately the difficulty of reading and deciphering this publication to come up through their own definition should deffinitely buy out. Anybody else thats as well lazy or closeminded should just pass it and also not bother bitching about buying it later.

David from Orlando, FL
Dec 19 2005Rating:

This publication is no for 14 year olds that think pete wentz is "soooo hawt", no one is it for all fall out young fans. This book has naught to execute with fall out boy, therefore if it is what you"re looking for, don"t bother. If girlfriend enjoy books that make you think and also look in ~ the human being in a different light, check this publication out.

Catherine from St. James, NY
Jul 4 2005Rating:

my names in reality brian, but its on mine mom"s acount.. I was kind of uncomfortable by this. I thought it to be worth the money, cuz i assumed it was prefer a real book. Definitely not worth 15 bucks. Don"t obtain me wrong, ns love autumn out boy, however ya kno just how the publication is commonly better?.. Fine its not. Save ur money, and also buy one of their cds instead.