At the finish of the first act, Elder Price determined to inquiry a transport away indigenous Uganda and Elder Cunningham, despite how much it pains Elder Cunningham. This is Elder Price’s… read More 

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Long ago, once I was fiveI snuck in the kitchen late at nightAnd ate a donut with a maple glazeMy father asked that ate the snackI said that it was my brother JackAnd Jack acquired grounded for fourteen daysI've lived v that guiltAll of mine lifeAnd the terrible visionThat I had that night(spoken)No! Please, i don't wanna walk back!Down, down thy soul is castFrom the planet whenceforth ye fellThe route of fire leads thee toSpooky Mormon Hell DreamWelcome earlier toSpooky Mormon Hell DreamYou space havingA Spooky Mormon Hell Dream now
And currently I've gone and done that again!Rectus!I've committed one more awful sin!Dominus!I left mine mission companionAll aloneSpookytus!Oh God, how could I have done this to you?Deus!How could I break dominion seventy-two?
Creepyus!And now my spirit hath simply been thrownBack into Spooky Mormon Hell DreamDown, down to Satan's realm!See wherein you belong!There is nothing you have the right to do!No escape fromSpooky Mormon Hell Dream!You blamed her brother for eating the donut, and also now girlfriend walk out on her mission companion? You're a DICK!Jesus, I'm sorry!Jesus no you, this we know!For Jesus simply told friend so!You remember Lucifer!

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He is also spookier!Minions that HadesHave girlfriend heard the news?Kevin was captured playing hooky!Now he's backWith every you Cath'lics and also JewsIt's at sight spooky-wooky!I'm sorry, Lord, it to be selfish that meTo rest the rules, pleaseI don't wanna it is in in thisSpooky Mormon Hell Dream!Spooky Mormon Hell Dream!Genghis KhanJeffrey DahmerHitlerJohnnie Cochran!The spirits all surround youSpooky spooky spooky!I started a war, and killed millions of Jews!I slaughtered the Chinese!I stabbed a guy and also fucked his corpse!I got O.J. Freed!You think that's bad?I broke rule seventy-two!Oh?I left my companion!I'm method worse than you!I dislike this Spooky Mormon Hell DreamSpooky Mormon Hell DreamAh.....Oh, Heavenly Father! P-please, offer me one much more chance! ns won't rest the rules again!(sung)I can't believe Jesus referred to as me a dick!Welcome, welcomeTo Spooky Mormon Hell DreamYou are never ever waking upFrom Spooky Mormon Hell DreamOh, please assist me Father! you re welcome let me wake up up!Give me one more chance! i won't permit you down again!Down, under thy soul is castFrom the planet henceforth ye fellThis must be it, you have to be thereYou must be inSpooky Mormon Hell Dream now