follow to the wiki if you start your 3rd victory lap your character will immediately turn into The Lost.

I haven"t unlocked the character yet and also I was wondering what will take place if I begin my 3rd lap. Will I turn right into The Lost and also maybe even unlock him? Or will certainly I just keep playing as my current character?


According come the wiki girlfriend linked:

Achievements can not be unlocked during a victory lap

then no, you can"t unlock The Lost in the way.

But ns don"t view why friend won"t be turned right into The Lost also if friend haven"t unlocked the yet. It"s a solved character, choose a everyday run or a challenge.

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You are undoubtedly automatically turning into The Lost, and this is irreversible for the following victory laps the the very same run. This human being on Reddit likewise talked around it and also some various other details about going down v the success laps:

At the start of your third lap (so your 4th time ~ above Basement) you room transformed into the Lost. As much as i know, this is permanent. Lost has actually the same current items together your vault lap, you don"t immediately get divine Mantle, one fight you"re done.

But it doesn"t seem favor you are unlocking The shed as a playable character by coming to be him with this lap. It appears than the only means to unlock The lost in Afterbirth is to host a missing Poster and also to dice in a Sacrifice Room.


I played through it without having actually unlocked The lost first, and also I turned right into The Lost. As result of that an insect that allows you unlock accomplishments in victory laps, i unlocked an item. The Lost has actually not to be unlocked native doing so.



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