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So far, Chise and also Elias’ adventures have actually been about them trying come solve problems of others. You might be wondering when we’ll ever get one episode around their relationship! Well, wait no an ext because The ancient Magus’ Bride‘s newest illustration is lastly here to provide some sweet stuff!


The corruption threaten the Kingdom of Cats has actually been effectively removed thanks to Chise! However, castle can’t move on come the following errand yet (unlike what I believed in the vault review) due to the fact that as expected, making use of her strength in such a cool scale had actually repercussions. Chise is out of the supervisory board again, just like in the soil of Dragons! It’s even much more worrisome now because we recognize that as a Sleigh Beggy, the more she supplies her power, the an ext her expectation shortens! does Elias have actually a equipment for this? Or maybe the royals visiting to check out his new bride? 

Episode Highlights

The sorcerers: So these guys have issues with their own, huh? that looked choose Renfred has a peeve through the white-haired sorcerer, and also that he and also Alice were in reality there to clean up the guy’s mess. Elias did notice that he seemed relieved after ~ Chise properly expelled the corruption. Concerned think that it, he more than likely didn’t really desire to take she away come interfere v their plans, however was simply really concerned about her because she’s a fellow human. I’m now wondering what taken place to his arm… can it likewise have other to perform with the sketchy sorcerer?

The halfling mage: Finally! We’re getting brand-new information ~ above Elias! What walk he mean by gift half-baked? Like, was he born to a human and a fairy? Or going by what Renfred said, was he initially a fairy who attempted to end up being a human? It’s so exciting to number out what else we must learn about him, choose his past and also his true feelings around Chise! It’s an excellent that the told her some truths. That seemed lot kinder come her, however Oberon stated that that was just false kindness. Let’s hope it’s no true, or if it is, that it’ll adjust soon! Chise really deserves to be cure well!

Titania and Oberon: Titania’s entrance was one of my favorite components in this episode! though she didn’t have actually a cool entourage or too many fabulous clothes, she still fit the description of Queen the the Faeries! ~ above the other hand, i was surprised that her husband, Oberon, didn’t act prefer a king in ~ all! Although, offered that there space playful fairies, it’s not difficult that they got that trait from him. Despite the couple’s distinction in disposition, however, ns couldn’t help but check out them as doting parents fussing over their son’s brand-new girlfriend! They to be so entertaining to watch, and also I felt choose they would somehow make good role models because that the two. Even if Oberon preserved making a ruckus, Titania was still really patient with him. Meanwhile, that didn’t seem to mind that she retained raining top top his parade, scolding him and also stuff. Ns hope they can guide the 2 well!

A rift?: They’ve put in an amount of prestige to Spriggan’s qualms around humans or beings through shells of flesh that you’d think it’s no something come ignore! Especially due to the fact that his explanation on a previous incident where lots of spirits and also humans shed their stays was very intriguing. Is that possibly connected to sorcerers again? Or just people in general?

Elias and also Chise: I’m for this reason glad the we’ve got breakthroughs on their relationship at last! though he kept secrets from her, Chise still chose to stay by Elias’ side until the work she dies, which to be basically favor a proposal! most would probably think the this is only since he purchase her and she has nowhere else to go, yet you’d usually still hope to be set cost-free someday from people you don’t like, right? And, five my goodness, that component when they both blushed!! the was obvious in Chise’s face, however Elias’ actions and what he stated he felt in his gut offered it away! They to be so cute and also precious, choose young lovers! Here’s come hoping the Elias’ experiment to save Chise alive will certainly succeed magnificently, for this reason they can indeed it is in together.

Themes & Trivia

The Faerie Queene: Well, what perform you know, the location this time is no a quote! However, it’s still related to literature. Titania and Oberon are personalities from a Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where they really space the queen and also king of the fairies. In timeless folklore, though, just Oberon’s name as the fairy king is consistent, while the fairy queen doesn’t have one.

Four fingers: I assumed it to be a mistake in ~ first, but did anyone an alert that all the fairies, Titania, Oberon, Spriggan, and even Ariel have four fingers? ns tried checking if it’s based on actual stories, but I couldn’t find anything about it, so possibly it’s just a character design thing. Let me know if friend have great info about it, though!


I to be seriously appreciating this show’s aesthetics by the episode! The scenery whereby Elias walks on the water while transferring Chise was so romantic and also dream-like! The place where Chise was recuperating, as well as her outfit, made her seem prefer a maiden the end of a fairy tale, an ext so once Oberon woke her up v his powers. The was very beautiful! and also of course, Titania’s entrance, accompanied by among my favourite musical genres. I loved the so much!

Together forever

Now the the couple’s relationship has actually strengthened, they can face problems head on also better! But, it looks prefer their following task is dangerous because of the sorcerer Joseph’s presence! and who was the black-haired male standing in prior of a grave?

Let’s hear your thoughts ~ above this illustration in the comment section! Do examine out our other fall 2017 anime reviews after that as well!