The ancient Magus' Bride: What biology (if Any) Is Elias supposed to Be? What specifically is Elias Ainsworth native The old Magus" Bride? Let"s dive deeper right into the possible mythology the character is based on.

elias from ancient magus bride
The ancient Magus’ Bride through Kore Yamazaki is a dark fantasy manga collection centered on a relationship with a human girl, Chise Hatori, and also a supernatural being named Elias Ainsworth. The girl lives a pitiful life after her father took she younger brother and abandoned Chise and also her mother. After losing her mother and being ostracized by she relatives and also society, Chise sells it s her in one auction. She"s marketed to the humanoid mage Elias, who takes she in to be his apprentice and bride. Chise it s okay the opportunity to explore the world of fairies and also magic, offering her a 2nd chance in ~ life.

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The ancient Magus" Bride fans have long wondered what form of types Elias, v his skull-like head and horns, is. He no human even though he attempts to act like one, and his appearance isn’t easily i can identify in folklore and mythology. Let’s dive right into some the the speculation bordering this secret and try to find the answer.

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Is Elias Ainsworth a Wendigo?

Chise it s okay mad and also Elias transforms right into a monster.
Many Ancient Magus" Bride pan speculate Elias is a wendigo, sometimes order “windigo.” The wendigo, whose appearance varies, is a malevolent supernatural creature from indigenous American folklore, especially the Algonquian-speaking very first Nations in north America. They can be incredibly thin with their skeletons pushing the end from under their ash-colored skin, or gigantic and continuing to flourish as they eat more. Wendigos additionally have antlers or horns sprouting from your heads, their eyes appear to be glowing and also sunken right into their skulls, and they have sharp teeth and two legs favor a human.

If us compare Elias Ainsworth’s appearance come a wendigo, the two entities appear physically similar. He has actually horns ~ above his skull, spicy teeth, and sunken-in eyes. However, what the end Elias indigenous a wendigo is that he have the right to physically transform his appearance depending upon the situation. Once Lindel an initial encounters him, Elias transforms from a seven-foot-tall adult into the human body of a child. As soon as he it s okay angry, he becomes a huge fiend with one abdomen choose a bull or lion, v claws for mobility and also a mermaid tail v black vines sprouting out. Elias’ resemblance to a wendigo is questionable since he can transform his physical human body to assorted degrees.

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Aside from physical appearance, Elias and also the wendigo share one key characteristic: preying upon humans. Wendigos are claimed to have been humans who ended up being monsters because of their greed. Another tale likewise suggests they to be once humans but ended up being possessed through an evil spirit and resorted come cannibalism, with a thirst because that blood and a constant craving for person flesh. In illustration 11 the The old Magus" Bride, Lindel and Elias get attacked by humans, therefore Elias transforms right into a “monster” to safeguard Lindel. Soon after, Elias realizes he might have eaten humans in his past. He can likewise possess a human being body, as shown when that took end Chise’s body later on. Elias may have eaten humans, however the level of his human intake has however to be discover in the anime and manga.

There’s a solid case for Elias being a wendigo, however the assumption is still problem due to origin. As stated before, the wendigo originated in north America, especially in the good Lakes region between Canada and the united States. The old Magus’ Bride is collection in London, England, so geographically it doesn’t do sense. Instead, us should think about if any kind of other European superordinary creatures closely exemplify Elias.

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Elias Ainsworth"s various other Mythological Representations

Elias protects Chise and the Fairy Queene.
In the people of The old Magus’ Bride, Elias is a monster-skinned humanoid mage who lives in the outskirts of London but associates with fairies and also fae-like creatures. Thus, it would make much more logical sense to have him resemble a creature from european folklore.

In among Elias’ transformations, he resembles an Ophiotaurus, a part bull/part serpent being originated in Greek mythology. This creature is said to have actually the power to take under the gods. In illustration 23 the The ancient Magus" Bride, Elias has the face features and also abdomen of an ox with two prior legs for mobility, if the other component of him represents a serpent beast prefer an Ophiotaurus. However, Elias and also the Ophiotaurus space only similar based on figure -- the mythological creature does not eat human beings as Elias does.

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Overall, there isn’t solid proof that Elias is a details legendary creature from real-world folklore and mythology. He can be one entirely new species or a mix of multiple mythical and demon creatures. The ancient Magus" Bride manga remains recurring so possibly in the future, us will get a clean answer.

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