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Tesla Motors at this time sells just one car: the version S sedan.

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But the electric auto is accessible in a broad array that configurations, a list that grew significantly larger Friday v the notice of brand-new options.

Those room a brand-new 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack, and a "Ludicrous" mode that surpasses the vault "Insane" setting on "P" power models.

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That way there are currently eight combine of battery pack, drive, and also performance for a brand-new design S ordered today.

Here"s a cheat sheet.

There room three simple models--70, 85, and P85D--whose number reflect battery-pack size.


Tesla design S P85D, 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Then there is the dual-motor all-wheel journey system, typical on the P85D and also a $5,000 option on the 70 and 85. Once equipped through AWD, those models are described as 70D and also 85D.

In addition, 85-kWh models can be upgraded to the 90-kWh fill for $3,000.

Finally, the P90D performance model can obtain the "Ludicrous" setting for one extra $10,000. Both it and also hte P85D come with the "Insane" setting as standard.

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At $70,000 before incentives, the least-expensive design S is the rear-wheel drive 70, which has 315 horsepower.

That will get it native 0 come 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and also to a height speed the 140 mph, when the 70-kWh battery pack gives 230 mile of range.

Its all-wheel drive 70D counterpart gets a bang in power to 328 hp, and also in price, to $75,000.


2015 Tesla model S 70D, Apr 2015

This help drop the 0 to 60 mph time to 5.2 seconds, while selection increases come 240 miles. Peak speed remains 140 mph.

Upgrading to the $80,000 version S 85 nets 373 hp, and a 265-mile range.

This version will perform 0 come 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, v the very same 140-mph height speed as the 70-kWh versions.

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At $85,000, the all-wheel drive model S 85D gets 417 hp and a five-mile selection bump over the rear-wheel drive 85.

Add a "P" to that and also you get the P85D--with 691 hp, 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds, a peak speed the 155 mph, and also a selection of 253 miles, all for $105,000.

Introduced in addition to the various other all-wheel journey "D" models critical fall, the P85D had been Tesla"s height performer until Friday.


Tesla design S P85D, 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Its drag gyeongju victories over everything from muscle cars to supercars have end up being an internet sensation.

With the brand-new "Ludicrous" mode, though, things gain a little more extreme.

The upgrade permits for a 0 to 60 mph time of simply 2.8 seconds, and a quarter-mile time that 10.9 seconds.

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Then there"s the new 90-kWh battery pack, which create three brand-new models--the 90, 90D, and also P90D.

Power output and performance figures should be the same as similar 85-kWh versions, but Tesla expects a 6 come 7 percent boost in EPA-rated range.

The longest-range model will likely be the 90D--the non-performance, all-wheel drive version.

With this longer-range models available, that seems possible that the 85-kWh versions will eventually be withdrawn, when stocks of that old lithium-ion cell are depleted.


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