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SynopsisDaiki Shiihara has actually his soul built up by accident. To cover for her mistake, the angel uses him a gift prior to sending him come a brand-new world. His biggest dream fulfilled, Daiki come in one more world through a flying castle.(Source: Overlap, translated)


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The art is really good. The personalities are quite detailed, golems are fairly detailed, backgrounds aren't bad. The manga uses CG for part backgrounds (and objects), yet it is tackled well, and it is no really noticeable unless you start in search of it.The idea has incredible potential. Ns mean, a paris magic lock under protagonists's control. There are so countless things that might be done v that!But, the Story and Characters. Through the Elder Gods, they're room truly awful.The story goes because that simplistic drama in the worst shounen traditions, and also every personality close to the MC is incredibly, irredeemably naive and pretty lot stupid. MC is also naive to difficult degree and also displays the typical qualities of shounen protagonist - an interpretation he is saintly and is truly outraged through every evil in the world, displaying life endure of a newborn.Pretty much every "good" male is a blundering buffoon, those people shot to go on vital mission, then screw that up due to being overtaken by some emotion in ~ a autumn of a hat, then are saved by part contrived deus ex machina.I managed to critical 23 chapters analysis this, yet then I might no much longer stomach it. That is a pity, since with this visuals and this idea, who could've created something amazing. I'd recommend to skip it. Or friend could shot first couple of chapters and also see if you have the right to stomach it.4/10 story, 7/10 art, 3/10 character, 3/10 enjoyment, 3/10 overall.