For every umbral ash you offer her, she either says one generic point or the other. The Dreamchaser's Ashes space the only umbral ash in i m sorry she benefit a unique set of dialogue once they are given to her. This is her dialogue: After giving her Dreamchaser's Ashes

"Ashen One, what woeful umbral ash is this. This barren dust, stuff of a fool, on't yield aught. Where did thou occur upon the stuff? call me, for the sport. "

Telling her wherein you found the ash

"Oh, yes, ns see... Clinging come lofty dreams in this dice world...more's the pity. It should come native one many foolish indeed. Woulds't thou no agree? "

Why does she have so much an unfavorable things to say after giving her these ashes?


If girlfriend look at the icon for the Dreamchaser's Ashes, you can see the is a hand gripping a pendant. This is likely a referral to Dark Souls 1, whereby there was a pendant item that did absolutely nothing. The video game tells you the it walk nothing, yet Hidetaka Miyazaki (the game's creator) include in one interview the it had actually a an enig function.

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Many players invested hours and hours trying strange and unintuitive series of action to figure out what the pendant did. The Shrine Handmaiden is making funny of those players that didn't believe the game when that told them that the pendant truly had actually no use.

my speculation is the ash belonged to someone in the family, divine knight hodrick is sirris' grandfather, and also the handmaiden is she grandmother. Prior to you offer her the ash sirris doesn't want lot to perform with you, despite she does store things civil, however after you provide the ash she vows to aid you on her journey. It explicitly says the undead to be on a trip to sign up with the undead legion, echoing hawkwood's passing comment about undead still clinging come lofty dreams or something choose that, but was never heard indigenous again, the handmaiden just wants to know how close their grandchild gained to achieving your dream.

i likewise assume its no the ash itself that's responsible for the brand-new wares in ~ the maiden, yet perhaps a special stock she was conserving for who she want to stay safe.

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edit: i see you placed the handmaiden's conversation in the main article which proves that wasn't hawkwood's comment, yet the maiden herself. She tone makes me think she knew the person the ash belonged to quite well.