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THIS IS one ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT comment on THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE.

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----------------------------------------Geez, Naofumi is obtaining stronger daily in this series. The struggle felt kinda strange though especially versus that dragon.I mean, Naofumi practically went berserk to fight and unleashed his builtup fury after Firo's fakeout death. The monster he battled was also unusually strong since its body wasn't correctly discarded at the time. Fairly an action packed episode. At least they managed to make it through through that. Raphtalia got injured fairly a bit.

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The only thing i disliked from this illustration was exactly how the Zombie dragon looked and also animated. Contrasted to the manga and also LN, it simply looked odd. At least the CG was decent.Other 보다 that, great episode! Naofumi’s fury was depicted excellently and also it looked lot scarier compared to the resource material.
I meant the zombie dragon come look an ext "gooey", so to speak. The said, I assumed the CG to be pretty an excellent and the computer animation was excellent well. The develop up to Naofumi summoning his Shield of Wrath for the very first time was an excellent and much more impactful 보다 in the manga.
From the point of watch of someone through no knowledge of the manga or webnovel, this illustration is quite a dissapointment.I mean, the develop up come Naofumi's rage Shield was awesome, however the stress suddenly simply dropped once Firo was presented to it is in alive, and is the one that actualy eliminated the dragon. The true power of Curse collection isn't really shown clearly, destroying all the exaggeration that's to be happening for the previous week. This episode just lost tension way too quickly.
Honestly, ns don’t prefer the reality that filo can gain eaten and stay alive without any type of further questions... I’m nice sure, this won’t it is in the last time plot-armor concerned use...( naught special versus plot armor yet I just didn’t really mean it in this anime)
If filo would certainly have died it would certainly Actually makes his action have consequences and the people would feel dangerous.
I will certainly admit i was quite surprised once Kirito make a mistake.I guess all 3 of the heroes have actually made some sort of mistake that Naofumi will end up correcting.I like the bird Filo a many more. Lol.The just thing i didn't choose was the they gave us a fake death.
Almost_Satan said:If filo would certainly have passed away it would Actually renders his action have results and the people would feeling dangerous.
And invest the rest of the display without loli chicken? i am pretty sure Japs will certainly be sending the writer death dangers by currently if that did that.
This is defiantly one of my favorite episodes the the season for this reason far. I loved Naofumi's portrayal of rage, and got really excited once he to be deflecting the dragon foot. The dragon looked every right, and the only thing i didn't really favor is how anti-climatic it was when Filo just came out of the dragon. And my girl Raphtalia is obtaining baited again...
Decent episode. I'm no really satisfied with just how the situation was handled, however at least some far-reaching story facets were handle this time.
One item episode 914 & 915 to be a mistake and 957 lugged the salvationGo vote below if you're a One piece enjoyer.
This episode isn't precious complaining around and this series isn't worth watching anymore, I'm out.
I thought Rapthalia would protect against Naofumi native going totally berserk(like in the opening), but I would've preferred to see an ext of it aside from that, i really liked this episode, it was my favourite therefore farI expect we will see an ext of that curse shield in the future, and I expect we acquire to view the 2nd wave quickly too Btw ns hope no-one has actually actually thought Filo would certainly die, she's a main character, obviously she won't die best at illustration 8
This episode could have to be worse, far better than last week.The directing is pure garbage as soon as it involved the dragon scene, other than the activation which was decent, the dragon literally simply stood there and also did nothing whatsoever. Filo's death just felt random, anxiety is here and also there. I carry out actually, choose the development. 4/5
Naofumi is greatest jerk. He simply denied the offer of resting with raphtalia and also filo, who would deny together a thing
"All the is yellow does no glitter,Not every those who wander space lost;The old that is solid does not wither,Deep roots space not got to by the frost."
So the shield hero is clean up the messes of what various other arrogant heroes had left behind. Believed he's gonna show an ext curse and also darkness power in this fight. Filo ended that dragon in the end. Nothing much to to speak in this ep.The finishing song is great.
Oh okay, many thanks lol. I honestly haven't to be caring around characters various other than the main and also the king and also Malty suck so I certainly didn't think around that.
Kinema walk a good job of showing Naofumi's Rage, it's much scarier than the LN and Manga.Ever due to the fact that I check out the manga and also LN, I have a trouble with this component where Filo simply came out and also defeated the Zombie in that is insides due to the fact that that is the very meaning of plot armor.The CG wasn't that bad either and also they did a an excellent job that showing exactly how Naofumi is afraid of shedding Raphtalia and also Filo. In its entirety I gain the episode due to the fact that it has actually progress through unlocking the Cursed Shield and also Naofumi reflecting that he cared because that his companions choose a household member.PS: The Shield's design is lot cooler in the Manga and also LN.
Meh ns didn't choose this episode that lot tbh.IIRC in the manga it to be his fault the Filo acquired eaten since her slave note shocked her once she didn't hear to him, for this reason why he got nuts.His reaction come filo getting consumed was pretty weak, it's not like he shed his psychic the minute she acquired eaten and he has no factor to dislike the various other 2 heroes at this suggest no? it seems favor was just consumed by evil thoughts rather then madness tbh. Also, for part reason, I always imagined it Naofumi's flames as black ones fairly than just normal flames.
Oh okay, thanks lol. Ns honestly haven't been caring about characters various other than the main and the king and also Malty suck for this reason I definitely didn't think about that.
That scared the crap out of me as soon as Filo gained eaten. It really looked prefer she died there for a second ;~;Lol Naofumi triggered a rare twin pout
Also pretty coincidence that climbing of the Shield
Hero premiered an episode this particular day on the same day that Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed~
meh its obtaining worse illustration by episode however still enjoyable well raphtalia got pretty injured naofumi pulling the end my many hated cliche through going berserk and getting power straight outta his asshole
Devil_Slayer said:Meh ns didn't favor this episode that much tbh.IIRC in the manga it was his fault the Filo got eaten due to the fact that her slave note shocked her as soon as she didn't hear to him, thus why he obtained nuts.His reaction to filo getting consumed was quite weak, it's not prefer he lost his mind the moment she got eaten and also he has actually no reason to dislike the other 2 heroes in ~ this allude no? that seems like was just consumed by evil thoughts rather then madness tbh
It's tho his error tbh because he called her if kicking in mid air resulting in Filo to it is in distracted, yet yeah the slave mark is the one that distract Filo in the Manga.The animation failed to exaggeration his fury while seeing Filo to be eaten, rather the anime mirrors flashbacks that Filo during episode 5-8. The Curse will fuel his flames in his love to exaggerate his rage. Edited: I also imagined the his flames are black fairly than red.
I dont want to be that guy, yet the top quality of the present is declining, the last couple of eps are making me feeling disappointed each wednesday-this must be the to mark of my wednesday bruh.
I have a soft spot for key protagonists going apeshit, for this reason I obtained what ns wanted. I simply wished the stomped the posesthe outta that zombie dragon rather of acquiring saved mentally through Raphtalia again.As for the CG, while I'm still apprenhensive, it's not THAT bad, imo. It's absolutely far far better than the terrible shit native ep 12 or emperor 3, there is no question.

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So one minute Naofumi acts choose a dick and also wonders whether the world in the sickened village will manage to outlive their money supply, the following he wants to operation off and resolve a big pile that rotting dragon meat by ... Chopping the up v a pickaxe? oh my, just how edgy.His small hate illustration would have actually had more impact if the bad characters in this collection had any substance. Or had been everywhere to be watched in the last four episodes. As it is, ns laughed the end loud as soon as his hate-powers started to manifest and also the curse asked him "do you dislike everything?!!??". It doesn't get an ext emo than that. There's also the tiny fact the he doesn't have any kind of reason come hate everything at this point. Also to begin with the spent less than a week under on his luck; he obtained his slave and started to do money not long after that. I guess we're claimed to think him going full rage setting is justified since of just how conveniently stroked nerves the villians in the display have been.I did like the foreshadowing as soon as Filo ate the fruit, which to be then mistaken for blood. I'll recognize that i didn't make that connection until ~ they described it. The computer animation when the dragon ate she was nice amusing as well.