Growing up! YouTuber Tana Mongeau has adjusted so much due to the fact that she started her channel in 2015, both physically and within her career. Now, she is a stunning net A-lister through a top-tier subscriber base, a blossoming talent agency and a successful OnlyFans web page — and also she’s exceptionally open about how she got there, including every one of her plastic surgical procedure procedures.

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In 2016, the 22-year-old revealed she had gained a nose project to correct a deviated septum that brought about nose bleeds and also breathing problems. In spite of being accused of obtaining a finish rhinoplasty, the vlogger preserved that she go not readjust the shape of she nose and also only go under the knife for clinical reasons.


The complying with year, the MTV: No Filter star addressed plastic surgery speculation about her breasts ~ above Twitter. “I’ve been acquiring asked recently if mine boobs fake,” she wrote in 2017. “And they aren’t prefer THANK U.”

Since then, the Bustedness star has posted countless videos and also photos of herself receiving different varieties of facial injectables, including lip fillers. She previously common a YouTube video of herself acquiring cheek and lip filler by Joanna the Nurse, a fellow YouTuber. The fact star has likewise sat for different sculpting procedures, consisting of Emsculpting.

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The las Vegas aboriginal is currently “single and also working top top ,” she solely told Life & Style in may 2021. “I surround myself with human being I love come be about who inspire me,” Tana explained. “But mine main focus is ~ above my service currently!”

Whether its about surgery, career, or love, the Streamy compensation winner marches come the win of her own drum — and also she implores she fans and also subscribers to monitor in she footsteps and do the same.


“I have a young following and it’s absolutely primarily female,” the Tana’s Angels agency founder explained to Life & Style in February 2020. “I constantly want to empower those young girls to do every little thing they want v their bodies and also to do their decisions and not allow anyone take that away native them, specifically men.”

Scroll through the gallery listed below to check out Tana’s total revolution from vlogging teenager to internet vixen — and also how her challenge has changed.