English term or phrase:take a cartridge for someone
Selected answer:to accept blame or injury to safeguard someone
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12:20 Aug 24, 2006
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English ax or phrase: "to a take a proverbial bullet"
Wrestling speaker talking. The referee to be suspected to it is in biased towards among the fighters and gets hit in ~ the finish ot the complement by the other.

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"-The Destroyer simply flattened the referee through that steel chair! -That"s not what ns saw! I witnessed the referee take a proverbial bullet for the civilization Champion!" i m sorry proverbial cartridge they refer to in her opinion? The bullet in the back? say thanks to you an extremely much!
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Digging deeper right into it, it seems to describe taking a bullet to defend one"s general. Do you agree?
This human is a Certified agree in Spanish come EnglishClick the red seal for an ext information ~ above what it means to it is in a Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> Michael strength (PhD): pretty - Mike :) 15 mins
->Thanks, Mike

agree will certainly Matter: come take responsibility (even if one isn"t responsible) in some fashion in order to protect an additional person. Be ready to endure the consequences of their actions even if you"re innocent. This is the idea. Wie gehts, Brie? 26 mins
->"Es muss gehen" ; ) Thanks, Will

Explanation:This means either acquisition the blame, acccepting duty or just taking something bad for someone else, in various other sacrificing something for some one else, i.e. As in the sacrificial lamb etc. Might be bring away on, however not always. Alp BerkerUnited StatesLocal time: 02:31Works in fieldNative speak of: English

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