Rock Island Armory TAC Ultra FS HC | 45 ACP introduce a complete tactical rail and is built with a double stack magwell with 14-round capacity. Choose all rock Island 1911s, this collection is constructed with 4140 Ordnance steel and also refined by our closely managed hand fitting process. This pistol is chambered in 45 ACP through a 5” button rifled barrel supported by a full length guide rod and full dust cover.

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Rock Island Armory TAC Ultra FS HC | 45 ACP has a low-profile adjustable rear sight and high-visibility fiber optic former sight. Additionally fitted v a skeletonized hammer and also trigger with adjustable over take trip stop. The TAC Ultra is finished through a tough parkerized matte coating and also has fight ready G10 tactical grips. True to all Rock Island 1911s, the TAC typical comes with a crisp, manufacturing facility 4- to 6-pound trigger to provide you a an excellent experience appropriate out the the box.

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Kelly Goin – January 20, 2020

This pistol is a hefty boy. The weight is the most noticeable thing around this gun when first holding. I acquired this gun together a fun variety gun and also that is just what it is. The cause on it has actually a pretty clean break with little to no travel. The slide has actually a very nice fit as well, the spring is also pretty stiff yet will get much better the more you shooting it. If girlfriend are trying to find a concealed carry then this can not it is in the finest fit for you( try Kimber maybe) yet if you are trying to find a fun gun that offers you enough capacity to put a laugh on anyone’s confront this is the gun because that you. ( ns ran about 200 rounds v it so much without failure)


This to be my very first 1911, I wanted to add the communication to my tiny quiver that firearms. With limited experience, with 1911’s my reasons for selecting the RIA M1911-A1 Tact 2011 was based upon aesthetics and round count. As soon as I gained the contact that the gun landed on my FFL, I had actually a level the anxiety around what will occur if the pistol is not what ns expected, or had actually some other defect. What concerned mind when I an initial held the gun, was that this pistol was no a Glock or an M&P form pistol. Being stole the gun had some weight, the pistol grip was wider then various other 1911’s as result of the twin stacked magazine. The activity was smooth because that a gun indigenous the factory, the create was crisp at 4 to 5 lbs and had a clean break. When again, my endure with 1911’s is limited. I purchased a fall in threaded barrel for my 45 Osprey. Lucky for me the barrel needed small fitting to the gun. Finally, after gaining all the shipping grease off. I got out come the range and loaded up the one and also only 13 ring clip the gun come with. All I can say is it to be love at very first shot…The accuracy to be phenomenal. I have actually been working at getting much better at pistol shooting and with this 1911 ns was hitting targets at 20 -30 yards. The gun go not have actually a single jam or misfeed the whole variety session. Overall, ns am an extremely pleased through this gun. If you room thinking around getting right into the 1911’s this pistol is no a bad place come begin. Substantially cheaper than tradition 1911’s but has out of the box upgrades not found on many out of package firearms, The performance was that this gun to be flawless accuracy with 200 rounds and not a single malfunction. What more could ns ask because that buying a gun off the internet that I never ever seen or shot! thank you Firearmssupplier gunshop because that making this a seamless transaction.

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Rock Island Armory 51567 TAC Ultra FSHC solitary .45Purchased back on the 17th, was glad to discover at Buds, together these seem hard to come by. The gun shoots favor a dream!!! The steel building keeps muzzle on target shooting after shot.i placed 60 ring of Tula Ammo 230 grain FMJ through the pipe, no worries at all and every round hit whereby I pointed.Only slight negative is that I had actually to join Team ( 29.00 dollars) so I might order the gun. Climate again after checking 40 dealers online, this website was just one v gun. An excellent purchase and also a wonderful customer service and swift shipping. They maintained to your words the shipping within 2 functioning days. Amazing gun


Best out-of-box suffer from any kind of gun purchased. Activity was very smooth. Fiber optic front vision was basic to acquire—required no adjustment. Utilizing 3 various magazines, i shot one box of commonwealth American Eagle 230gr. FMJ. No jams or mis-feeds. This is a dual stack firearm—people with tiny hands may uncover it uncomfortable come hold


Had formerly purchased this twin stack in 10mm and also 9mm. Ns was impressed sufficient with those to gain it in 45acp. Rock Island makes some nice 1911’s, specifically for the price. Great shooter. Ns am not concerned with the projected life time that mim parts.