Now that you’re pretty familiar via Tablepeak Simulator and also previous the best measures of the finding out curve, offer yourself a proactivity – congrats on making it this far!

Alideal, so there’s a bunch of shortcuts and tips to navigating points more smoothly. These are individually minor things that, as soon as put together, can save you a significant amount of time.

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Getting a closer look

Panning: W / A / S / D keys

Angling the camera: arrow keys – rotates the camera on an arc to be from the side of the table to over the table

Zoom: ‘up’ with mouse wheel to zoom in, ‘down’ with computer mouse wheel to zoom out.

See a piece / card: via your computer mouse cursor over a thing, host Alt (Cmd for Macs). Note this will just offer you that thing, not the stack of cards or pieces on optimal of it, and it might only display things in the default rotation. You can scroll up or down to make the point appear also larger, as much as a suggest.


Magnify the table: hold M to produce a magnifying-glass prefer circle that’s bigger. Better for boards or various other cases wright here ALT doesn’t occupational also, since it’ll present multiple facets underneath your ‘lens’. You can scroll up or down to make the thing appear even bigger, approximately a suggest.

Manipulate components

Draw cards: via computer mouse cursor over cards, hit a solitary number to draw that many type of cards right into your hand. If you form two numbers in a brief period of time, you’ll attract that many cards. This can be configured / adjusted in the settings.

Flip card: through mouse cursor over a point, hit F.

Rotate card: with computer mouse cursor over a point, hit Q (counter-clockwise) or E (clockwise). Each time you hit Q or E, the thing will certainly turn by a collection variety of levels according to the rotation degree respond to (check out the two-digit number in the upper-left corner – you can toggle that through several options).

Group cards: attract a rectangle about the cards you desire to group together (these cards will certainly have actually a yellow highlighted border), then hit G to team them into one stack.

Shuffle cards / roll dice: R

Other advantageous / cool stuff

Pointy arrow: hit Tab to make an arrow wherever your mouse cursor is. Great for mentioning the thing you’re looking at (instead of just ‘over here’ or ‘that card’). Note the designer need to have actually the permission checked to allow players to usage it. It’s component of the Ruler tool, and also it’s typically checked by default.

Ruler: organize Tab and also move your computer mouse to meacertain something. Same permission note as over.

Blindfold: hit B – this activity will be noted in the game chat and suggests you won’t be able to check out the table or any cards until you hit B again. Great for social deduction games wbelow some players need to cshed their eyes and others deserve to open up them in the time of play.


Search a deck: right click on a deck or bag and click Search. The toolbar pops up a thumbnail of eextremely card in that stack. Hover on a thumbnail for a second and also it’ll acquire bigger immediately. Click and also drag a card out of the deck to relocate it on the table. Keep in mind there have the right to be some distortion (this bag holds round tiles, for example).

Set dice to a details side: via your mouse cursor over a die, hit a number. You have the right to just hit + or – to increment or decrement the dice.

The side in which something enters a bag is the exact same means it’ll exit a bag. If you put in a bunch of tokens face-down, they’ll come out face-down.


Also, as bags go, one of the current updays allowed a few different bag orderings: LIFO (Last In First Out), FIFO (First In First Out), and also random. Random’s the really amazing one there, personally – currently you’ll no much longer need to shuffle a bag whenever before you include a token. Just best click on the bag, float over ‘Order’, and left-click ‘Random’.

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