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This week’s set of T-Mobile Tuesdays offers contains a cost-free movie indigenous Vudu, $50 credit for Rover (perfect for pet-sitting services as soon as traveling) and also more.


The deals & key TermsVudu – free Movie RentalSave in-app by august 1, 2018 in ~ 4:59am ET.Redeem at Vudu by august 1, 2018, at 4:59am ET to receive a Vudu promotional code (“Vudu Code”) valid because that the complimentary rental that one movie or toward the acquisition of any movie approximately $5.50.Offer need to be redeemed with Vudu by august 1, 2018, at 4:59am ET and once redeemed, customer has actually six days to make their rental selection. Once the rental is selected, customer has actually 30 work to begin their rental. As soon as rental is started, customer has actually 24 hours to complete viewing.Requires a Vudu account, a computer system or web-enabled mobile maker and Internet/wireless service.Limit one Vudu password per Vudu account per week and also one Vudu account every person/email address.Rover – $50 off Pet ServicesSave in-app by august 1, 2018 in ~ 4:59am ET.Redeem by august 1, 2018, in ~ 11:59pm ET to get a $50 Rover credit.The $50 credit transaction will appear in your Rover account as soon as redeemed and also will be used toward service(s) purchased (not consisting of applicable taxes, if any) in a solitary booking or series of reservations through December 31, 2018.No handling fee.HotelStormSave in application by respectable 15, 2018, at 4:59am ETRedeem in ~ by respectable 20, 2018, in ~ 4:59am ET to obtain $40 off a 1-night stay; $100 off a 2-night stay, $160 turn off a 3-night stay and also $220 off a 4-night continue to be with an additional $60 discount for each additional night included thereafter (e.g., $280 turn off a 5-night stay).The discount is only applied on HotelStorm bookings. Reservations made top top space not eligible for the discount.No border to number of reservations you can complete. No code necessary; discount is used to price the room automatically.Reservations have the right to only be consisted of to eleven month in advance.All reservations are subject to the regards to the property, room pre-paid and may not have the ability to be refunded, see individual hotels because that details.Not valid because that existing reservations. Reservations based upon availability. Not valid with any kind of other promotion, offer, discount or coupon.$5 turn off Atom Movie TicketsClaim in-app by august 1, 2018 at 4:59am ET.Redeem by august 6, 2018 at 11:59pm ET.Receive $5 turn off the price of any type of movie ticket (discount no applicable on taxes) to add fees waived for the entire order.Available in the joined States, not included Puerto Rico.Use her Atom ticket account (or produce an account if a brand-new user) to add at the very least one ticket to your cart through Atom and then go into your T-MOBILE TUESDAY promotional code in the PROMO code field during checkout.Both the promotional $5 discount and also the promotional fees waiver discount will be applied automatically in ~ checkout.Limit one promotional discount every user and per code, regardless of full ticket amount in order.Quick Thoughts


I think this gives you $5.50 the Vudu credit fairly than a “free movie rental” as such. That method you should have the ability to use the credit against more than one movie if it expenses less 보다 $5.50 come rent.


I love this sell as we usage Rover relatively frequently. The just downside is that it looks like you have the right to only apply one password per account. I was able to apply my wife’s password to our account, yet when entering mine I obtained the complying with message:

We’re sorry. This password is valid for brand-new customers only.

Strictly speak that’s no true – we’re not new customers but were able to usage the an initial code.


This is unlikely to be precious it as the prices deserve to sometimes it is in higher, plus you’ll miss out top top earning points, upstream night credits, standing benefits, etc. If those don’t issue to you, you’ll quiet likely gain a much better deal utilizing discounted gift cards and also collecting Welcome Rewards credits v them.

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This is the last week that these discounted tickets will certainly be obtainable through T-Mobile Tuesdays (at the very least for now anyway), so insurance claim your discount if you’ve not currently used this offer in July.