The official T-Mobile software program Updates page might not display anything yet, yet it shows up an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow is lastly ready because that the LG G4 (H811). Well, type of. A few G4 owner on T-Mobile i found it that, ~ physically plugging into the computers via LG’s Bridge computer software, they were able to check and install an update to Marshmallow on your device.

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We’ve never ever used the software application before, however if it’s walking to provide you early access to an update not officially being propelled out through T-Mobile yet — it might be worth it. Then again, you can find every sorts that bugs and other problems after updating, so if you’re not too keen ~ above the idea the experiencing any kind of of that, you may simply want come wait for the main rollout to begin over-the-air. Friend know, after ~ it’s been eco-friendly lit by T-Mobile.




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