An EOL ( End of Line ) error suggests that the Python interpreter intended a specific character or set of personalities to have arisen in a details line that code, yet that those personalities were no found before the end that the line . This results in Python avoiding the routine execution and throwing a syntax error .

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The SyntaxError: EOL if scanning cable literal error in python occurs once while scanning a string of a regimen the python struggle the finish of the line because of the following reasons:

lacking quotes Strings covering multiple lines

Missing quotes

def printMsg(): return "This is a testprintMsg() output record "", line 2 return "This is a testSyntaxError: EOL when scanning string literal meaning

The factor for this error is that forgot a closing double quote in ~ the end of the string. Cable literals can be attached in matching single quotes (") or double quotes ("). They can also be attached in matching groups the three single or dual quotes (these are normally referred to together triple-quoted strings).

def printMsg(): return "This is a test"printMsg() output This is a test

Strings spanning multiple lines

def printMsg(): mrs = "This is a test" print(str)printMsg() output document "", heat 2 mrs = "This isSyntaxError: EOL if scanning string literal

The factor for this error is that a wire enclosed in solitary or double quotes can"t expectancy multiple lines . Strings can"t normally span multiple lines. A multiline string in Python begins and also ends with either three single quotes (""") or three twin quotes ("""). Any kind of quotes, tabs, or newlines in between the "triple quotes" room considered part of the string. Python"s indentation rules for blocks perform not use to lines inside a multiline string .

def printMsg(): mrs = """This is a test""" print(str)printMsg() calculation This is a check

Python is particularly prone to this type of error, because Python ends statements through newlines/line breaks , whereas many other programming languages have a character such as a semicolon (;) , which means that various other programming languages work an ext easily with multi-line statements out of the box.

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Syntax errors

Syntax errors are produced by Python when it is translating the resource code into byte code. Castle usually suggest that there is other wrong v the syntax the the program. Syntax errors are usually easy to fix when you number out what lock are. Unfortunately, the error messages are frequently not helpful. A common cause of syntax errors is the difference in syntax in between Python 2 and Python 3. In particular, a syntax error might be alerted if a Python 3 paper is assumed to be compatible with Python 2 (or angry versa). Clearly specifying the expected Python variation can aid prevent this.