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Hey there,can someone please aid me here. I don"t remember all the details skill fusions for each character.I"m top top 3.10.Are those correct?1st batch<1> Asuna - Healer<1> Liz - Tank<1> Premiere - Healer<1> Silica - Buffer2nd batch<2> Leafa - Attacker<2> Philia - Attacker<2> Sinon - Buffer<2> Strea - Tank<2> Yuuki - Buffer3rd batchtbd.Also, I gained Philia"s attacker skill to level 3 however it didn"t trigger anything. That a pest or perform I require lvl 4? If so, how? Is there also lvl 4 or 5?Also, those are really tiresome! however that"s just how I did them so far.Healer: use damned bladed HP drain buffs and also just command her party memeber to heal (easy peasy).Attacker: go to poison swamp sacrament and hit the rocks (also good for 150+ fight in enigma).Tank: naught yet, yet read around hound adversaries in an initial DLC area. Confirm?Buffer: nothing yet, too. But apparently simply command the NPC to perform combo move all the moment while doing various other stuff. Right?Thanks in advance.
You have to do the lvl 4 skill combination to unlock that most most likely although with Dlc 3 making skill blend quests no being a grind fest I could not execute it this time around tbh and yes the batches room correct.
boris_michl (Topic Creator)4 years ago#3
How execute I unlock lvl 4? just waiting?
boris_michl (Topic Creator)4 years ago#4
Ok, figured it out.Once you have finished Level 3 you deserve to just go ago to Argo and also start a new quest. If friend parnter has currently level 3 it starts a level 4 quest (which is much simpler btw imo).Unlocked Philias CG, too. Long live the lv 10 indestructible wall surfaces in poison swamp. (^_^)/
I posted it in one more thread too, but here"s the CG for Philia. Enjoy. :-3 (took me long sufficient ....)
Aye I can start this morning lol just because I probably need attacker blend lol and also which sacrament had actually the indestructible wall surfaces again?
GamerX789 posted...Aye I might start this tomorrow lol just due to the fact that I more than likely need attacker combination lol and also which sacrament had the indestructible walls again?Poisoned swamp.
octablade posted...GamerX789 posted...Aye I can start this tomorrow lol just since I more than likely need attacker fusion lol and also which sacrament had the indestructible walls again?Poisoned swamp.Thank you
4 years ago#9
Also carry out you have to do it 3 times to get lvl 3 then talk to Argo to perform lvl 4 ability fusion?
tekato 4 year ago#10
GamerX789 posted...Also carry out you need to do it 3 times to gain lvl 3 then speak to Argo to do lvl 4 skill fusion?Only 2 times, the an initial time unlocks lv 1-3 and also the second unlocks lv 4.

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