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Ustream to Deliver Live Net Video throughout Three-Screens With Verizon Wireless, Panasonic, Boxee and the New Ustream Lounge

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6, 2011 / -- Ustream, the leader in live digital video, this day announced that its live internet content is expanding to three displays with brand-new relationships through Verizon Wireless, Panasonic and Boxee. Ustream is putting the world at the center of all 3 display screens by giving viewers a live, interactive experience while watching premium content such as live coverage of movie premieres and breaking news from approximately the people, whether its via a mobile device, on the PC or on a TV display screen.

The Ustream mobile application for Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband netjob-related will incorporate broadcasting and viewing into a solitary application and permits users to watch and RSVP to live events, share via social netfunctions and also take advantage of the speeds and also low-latency of the Verizon Wiremuch less 4G LTE broadband also netoccupational. The Panasonic VIERA – Connect™ Ustream application, an initial in live digital video, uses immediate streaming access of live and also recorded content on Panasonic"s line of 2011 VIERA Connect-permitted HDTVs. Ustream on Boxee gives individuals accessibility to the many famous live and taped content in a simple easy to use interchallenge tailored to the big display screen.

"We"re excited that our individuals have the right to endure Ustream in entirely new means with our relationships through Verizon Wiremuch less, Panasonic and also Boxee," said Chris Blocker, SVP of Firm Operations for Ustream. "Ustream is the best means to get accessibility to premium content and also we"re excited to supply the applications and also solutions that matter many to consumers across every one of the 3 screens."

Ustream and also Verizon Wireless are working together to webactors the Verizon Wiremuch less news conference on Jan. 6, 2011 at 1 pm PST from the 2011 Internationwide Consumer Electronics Sjust how. The live Ustream broadcast will certainly appear on Verizon Wireless" Facebook page:

"Ustream helps human being share experiences, and functioning together, we are bringing that to mobile users and also showcasing what the speed and also low-latency of our 4G LTE netjob-related will expect to viewers," sassist Jennifer Byrne, executive director of Business Advancement at Verizon Wiremuch less. "Using this innovation to lug our news event to our Facebook page is a cool example of what Ustream can perform."

Ustream"s newly-updated mobile application for high-quality broadcasting and viewing live video on-the-go will be easily accessible solely on 4G smartphones from Verizon Wiremuch less in Mid 2011. The new application combines broadspreading and viewing right into a solitary application and will certainly give Ustream individuals the capability to access a variety of brand-new features, including:

- Share via your social netfunctions when you broadactors and find content.

- Watch live events and also get involved with chat.

- Learn the hottest Ustream content under "Featured," organized by Categories.

- Follow your favorite reflects by joining Crowds and tracking events you"re attending.

In enhancement to these brand-new features, Ustream has fine-tuned the application to take complete benefit of the Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network-related. Anyone making use of a machine sustaining high-quality resolutions on Verizon"s LTE network-related will certainly be able to broadactors and watch content as much as 10 times faster than on Verizon Wireless" 3G netfunctions and more clearly for a much better live mobile experience.

Live and videotaped Ustream programming will certainly likewise be included right into Panasonic"s 2011 line of VIERA Connect™ – enabled HDTVs. The Ustream application for viewing will be available through a large variety of entertainment options to watch on the HDTV. The freshly presented TV application allows viewers to gain live and also tape-recorded content in the comfort of their very own living room in addition to the ability to Find Out the hottest Ustream content organized by categories and also follow your favorite reflects by joining crowds and tracking events you"re attending.

Ustream is also launching an optimized viewing application obtainable for Boxee, and is offering anyone in search of a 10-foot optimized experience to sit ago and reap Ustream content by visiting from their COMPUTER. The Ustream Lounge is optimized for Google TV and functions in a lot of modern-day browsers to administer a polished endure optimized for larger displays. Viewers deserve to tune into LIVE Ustream broadcasts, RSVP to upcoming content and also search the latest recorded and LIVE broadcasts. Ustream individuals deserve to press play and enjoy a variety of functions including:

- Watch live and tape-recorded events and also communicate through chat.

- Discover the hottest Ustream content arranged by Categories and also through search.

- Follow your favorite reflects by joining Crowds and also tracking events you"re attfinishing.

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- Share with your social netfunctions when you find content.

The Ustream Application on Boxee will be easily accessible founding Jan. 9th and also the Ustream Lounge will certainly be accessible starting today 1/5 at

""Live" proceeds to be one of the massive holes absent from Web TV this particular day," claims Anattracted Kippen, VP of Marketing for Boxee. "Ustream has done an exceptional job of structure the framework to support astronomical user demand also, partnering with the ideal content carriers, and also making the content easily accessible to every display. They"ve collection a high bar for what the live IPTV experience need to be."

About Ustream

Ustream is the leader in live video and its platdevelop empowers any kind of individual, public number or brand also to stream to a global audience of limitless size. Ustream offers cost-free broadcasting and also viewing platcreates for the Web and also mobile tools. The interactive use within Ustream enables real-time engagement via Facebook, Twitter, MyVoid and also AIM. Hundreds of high-profile broadcasters have partnered with Ustream to reach millions of world. Ustream ( is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, Calif. Follow on Twitter (