After warding off O"Chunks, Mario and Co. Complied with the Floro Sapiens underground. Was the hideout that the Floro Sapiens simply up ahead? "Wow, it"s dark! and also narrow!" "Hey, who simply kicked me?!" "Sorry. Every me." our heroes followed the long, dark corridor, listening to echoes the their own voices. As they groped their way along, the light at the finish of the tunnel grew brighter... They had ultimately arrived at the inside sanctum that the Floro Sapiens... The Cragnons kidnapped native Downtown of Crag had actually to be around somewhere...This is the Floro Caverns, caves filled v minerals. Rise up the blocks and also you"ll find things block v a Mushroom. Go to the right and also someone announces the they"re comes in live from the Floro Sapien home. It"s a Cragnon through arms, wearing a khaki shirt and also pith helmet. He claims no one has collection foot in here and come the end alive. He says some make history with thin gall and also willpower, favor Flint Cragley.He"s a Cragtrotter, one adventurer. He tries the end a few titles because that his show: "Into the Floro Sapien cavern of Doom!" "Taste Danger! Flint Cragley Vs. A Recragginated Mummy in Floro Sapien Central!" Tippispeaks up and Cragley notices them, wondering it they"ll eat that after the following commercial break. Afterwards, the says, "Cut, print, and wrap it." he asks what they"re act here and they define their pursuit for the Pure Heart. Flint is happy to meet other adventurers and also introduces himself as the best Cragtrotter. He has actually a weekly present on crag-vision. Flint pretended to be kidnapped for this reason he can film an epos show, however his crew wandered off. They have actually the an essential that will obtain him deeper into the abyss that is the caverns. He tells them to find his crew and tell castle he"s waiting and also stomping impatiently. Go v the pipe and you"ll find a locked door once you autumn down. Walk to the right to a conserve Block and drop down. There space Spike top here. If you flip in the area, you"ll find a Cragnon wandering roughly with a sprout top top its head. It"s been brainwashedby the sprout and has 10 HP and also 1 attack. Avoid contact with them, or you"ll shed points if you loss them. They are looking for gems for King Croacus and also will attack any type of intruders. Go v the lower pipe. You"ll discover some items blocks. The center one has Pal Pills. You"ll uncover Spania here. They relocate quickly. Defeat them there is no jumping ~ above them, uneven you"re utilizing Carrie"s power. A adjacent brick block has a quick Flower. In the following cluster of article blocks, struggle the brick block over the middle block because that a ladder. It leader to a moving yellow platform that will take girlfriend past countless coins. In ~ the end of the ride, you"ll drop earlier down. Go ago left and you"ll find a door.The door leader to a mine cart. Was standing in the mine cart and also take it because that a ride. Flip right into 3D and also it will certainly take a concealed path to the left. The tracks dead-end at a door. Go through the door and float throughout the gap, then drop down. You"ll find Flint Cragley"s sound guy, Hornfels. That asks that they are and once they describe that Flint"s in search of them, he states he"ll walk back. He explains that the Floro Sapiens space using sprouts come mind-control the captured Cragnons. That leaves, saying no to let their guard down. Walk left and also hit the brick block because that a ladder. Go back through the door and ride the mine cart back. If you ride the mine dare in 2D, you"ll finish up in an empty room, other than for a Cragnon in 3D. Walk to the right and blow increase a rock to access a door. Flip and you"ll find countless coins here. Leave and go come the right. You"ll come throughout a spring close to a wall surface of blocks. Upper and lower reversal to go v the blocks. There"s something at the end of the hallway. It"s a large yellow block, camouflaged to look choose the cavern walls. Rest it v Cudge and also you"ll find an additional mine cart. This one has actually several loop-de-loops. Go v door in ~ the end, climate up and also right to uncover the cameraman, Monzo. He asks if the heroes room not mind-controlled. That escaped the "Processing Center", but says he might take the director, Flint, over there to mellow out. The heroes phone call him that Flint is trying to find him. He heads back. Drop down and also left, climate flip to uncover a chest with a Spania card. The item block has actually a Zombie Shroom. Go earlier using the mine cart, and also go v the pipe close to the door with coins. There"s a camouflaged giant yellow block. You"ll find a chest with a Shroom Shake. Return to Flint, who says he has been miraculously reunited with his crew. They require toaid the carry away Cragnons. He says theywill usethe key to the critical unopened door in the caverns. The crew announces that they don"t have the key. Monzo had it originally, but Flint took it earlier and should have actually it now. Flint says he doesn"t, yet finds it as soon as he check his pockets. He states the vital miraculously returned to his pocket. He likewise says that past the door, there might be a trap on the various other side. The heroes speak they"ll open the door no matter what and also he calls castle brave. He"s not afraid, just yielding to their lead. He provides them the cavern Key. Go through the pipe and also unlock the door. It leads to a mine cart v loops. Go through the door. Over there are large crystals here. There"s a huge shadow between and under the brick blocks. It"s a giant yellow block in disguise. Fight a brick block for a Mega Star. Once it operation out, look for a comparable shadow towards the middle of the area.

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Hit that to reveal a door come the star.