Super Mario Bros. DDX is an unmain fan game based upon the original Super Mario Bros. series, being a side-scroller platprevious.

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It has a collection of original levels, sprites and also power-ups not existing in the original games.


Super Mario Pearls of Wisdom is an unofficial fan game via the Mario franchise.

Mario and Luigi have actually been invited on a cruise by Peach and Daisy. However, Tatanga causes chaos for the friends and plots to take over the Mushroom World! Assistance Mario situate the 6 Pearls of Wisdom and also defeat Tatanga"s forces!- 8 imagiaboriginal worlds- Elepsychological YI style bosses- Tatanga retransforms as a villain- Each world has actually a hub location where you deserve to play minigames, buy items and talk to people- secrets to collect after clearing the game once


Power Star Frenzy is an unmain fan game through the Mario personalities and aesthetics. It was cancelled, having actually its final demo in 2019 (v0.2.4 SUPERNOVA DEMO), through 45 stars in total to collect and also multiplayer co-op and also fight mode.


Super Luigi and also the Golden Shrooms is an unofficial freeware fan game starring Luigi from the Mario series. You need to explore many type of different locations to find and also collect golden mushrooms. There are many golden mushrooms scattered all over the Mushroom Kingdom. When every one of them are built up, they attribute as a vital, allowing you right into a vault filled via wide range. Unfortunately, these mushrooms are scattered everywhere, so collecting them will be a lengthy and also difficult job. Luckily, Luigi has plenty of free time, so he heads off trying to find these mushrooms.


Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2 is a fan game and the upcoming sequel to Super Mario Bros. Dimensions. Taking place after the finish of the initially game, the Mushroom Kingdom is intruded upon by the dangerous EVL Army, who steal the powerful ring that Bowser had used in the last game. Mario, Luigi and also Polter are joined by an ex-EVL soldier named Eden to take back Princess Peach and the ring!

Tbelow will be many kind of levels via various objectives to finish by finding Energy Drops. The game also intends at making Polter more affiliated, with him now being able to consume unique fruits to provide him powers to aid Mario out. Power-ups such as Laser and also Jetpack rerevolve, while the new Thorn power-up joins them, via various other new power-ups still to come.


Super Mario Dimensions is a fan game by LangtonLion64. It attributes a measurement switching mechanic that alters the level and also its challenges.

Build and also play the Super Mario courses of your dreams! This sequel functions a organize of brand-new devices and features—prefer slopes!

Super Luigi Dreams is an unmain side-scroller platformer Mario fan game occurred by Hatguy and publiburned by Mario Fan Gamings Galaxy. Luigi has to help the fairy Dachi save his family members, friends, and also residence from a mysterious male.

Crossover of Super Mario Bros. and also No Man"s Sky. It was originally created for Ludum Dare, however is now being expanded into a bigger game.

Yoshi vs. Windows is a Yoshi fangame produced by Supertoad2k. In it you play as Yoshi trapped in a computer system, who demands to stop Bill Gates from taking over the people. It is one of the older MFGG fangames and also perhaps among the first truly original ones to be submitted to MFGG, and also favor virtually all various other fangames at that time, is a platformer.

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Yoshi vs. Windows was infamous at the moment of release for being an unsafeguarded fangame. This lead to many of its contents being used by other people for other works as soon as the game making tool of choice was The Games Factory. Ultimately a "Platinum" version was released by Supertoad2k and Nite Shadow through updated graphics, a save mechanism and of course, was safeguarded so others can not steal points from it. The original is now officially claimed open-resource, although the game making neighborhood this day supplies even more advanced software than TGF, hence rendering it pretty a lot obsolete.