The 2013 Super key is set, through the mountain Francisco 49ers and also the Baltimore Ravens heading to brand-new Orleans in 2 weeks to confront off for the Lombardi Trophy. Kick turn off is set for 6:30 EST ~ above February 3, 2013, v the game being televised ~ above CBS. Right here is every the pertinent data you require for the game.

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Kevin C. Cox
The NFL article season is down to simply two groups remaining. The mountain Francisco 49ers and also the Baltimore Ravens will challenge off against each other in Super bowl XLVII in the Mercedes-Benz super Dome, new Orleans, Louisiana. Unfortunately for Miami dolphins fans, our southern Florida team just missed on qualifying for the game this year - as with every year because 1985. Just in instance you are maintaining track, this particular day is 1477 days because the Dolphins were in the playoffs, 4404 days since they last winner a playoff game, 10,227 days because their last Super bowl appearance, and 14,252 days due to the fact that the Miami dolphin last increased the Lombardi Trophy. But who"s counting?

Anyway, the Dolphins play the 49ers this season, dropping the main 14 game 27-13 in mountain Francisco. Quarterback Colin Kaeperrnick threw for 185 yards against the Dolphins, v 52 yards rushing and a touchdown ~ above the ground. Running back Frank Gore included 63 yards and a touchdown that his own. Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw because that 150 yards with a touchdown, including 25 yards ~ above the ground. The Miami defense gained to Kaepernick four times, three by Cameron Wake.

Miami go not challenge the Ravens this season.

When the Super key kicks turn off in 2 weeks, the will note the second time in franchise background that the Ravens will be in the title game. The Ravens win the brand-new York Giants in Super bowl XXXV complying with the 2000 season. The last remaining initial Raven, linebacker ray Lewis, who has declared this will be his last season in the NFL, was the MVP in the game and also will be looking to go out on height in his critical game.

This is the first time the 49ers have made the supervisor Bowl due to the fact that the 1994 season, once they winner Super bowl XXIX end the mountain Diego Chargers in Joe Robbie Stadium. Steve Young threw six touchdown passes in the game, earning MVP honors.

The game will attribute the first Super Bowl match up that brothers as opposing head coaches, with the Ravens" man Harbaugh encountering the 49ers" Jim Harbaugh.

New Orleans will certainly tie the southern Florida/Miami city area v their tenth super Bowl once the video game kicks off in two weeks. The Super bowl was critical in brand-new Orleans in 2002.

The power of the Super bowl is in much more than the organize city"s exposure and the money that it generates. This year, the video game has caused new Orleans to adjust Mardi Gras. The first set the parades will certainly take place start January 25, a week earlier than normal. Parade season will certainly then pause together the Super bowl takes facility stage, enabling the residents, officials, and police force to emphasis on the NFL"s championship. "The parade season will pick increase again after the big game. Traditionally, the main Carnival season consists of 12 consecutive days that culminate on Fat Tuesday," according to The Times-Picayune.

The same split Mardi Gras schedule was followed for 2002"s Super bowl XXXVI, likewise held ~ above February 3rd.

Here"s a operation down of all the pertinent data because that the game:

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Host City: brand-new Orleans, LouisianaStadium: Mercedes-Benz at sight DomeDate: February 3, 2013Kickoff Time: 6:30 EST / 3:30 PSTTV Coverage: CBSAnnouncers: Jim Nantz, Phil SimmsNational Anthem: Alicia KeysHalftime Show: BeyonceTickets: TiqIQSB nation Coverage: Niners country | Baltimore Beatdown

A full guide to brand-new Orleans during the super Bowl can be found at The league"s main site additionally has a Fan housing guide, a complete list the events, and also media job information. The brand-new Orleans host committee likewise has a number of resources on it"s net site. Media day will take location on January 29th, 2012.

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