If you want to jam to Ed Sheeran"s new song and rock a pair of sunglasses, just turn come Snapchat. The app debuted a 30-second clip that the "Thinking out Loud" singer"s brand-new song the is set to relax at midnight ET Friday.

You may not have actually noticed the suffer on Snapchat, unless you had actually your volume up and also listening v to listen Sheeran"s voice in ~ the 30-second loop. There"s no point out of Sheeran"s name where customers tap to usage the lens no one within the lens itself.

Unlike Snapchat"s other popular lenses, girlfriend don"t gain to transform yourself right into Sheeran. Instead, you"re adorned v a pair of glowing blue sunglasses and encircled in shining lights.

Tweet may have been deleted

The track lasts 30 seconds, but per usual v Snapchat, you have the right to only record and share 10 seconds at a time. Snapchat did not respond come tastecraftedmcd.com"s inquiry for talk about how lengthy the lens will certainly last on the app.

It isn"t the very first time we"ve seen the lyrics and also heard the beat. Sheeran, that hasn"t released a solitary since June 2015 and also came out v his latest album in June 2014, is make a big comeback accompanied through social media teases.

He likewise previewed the win in two videos posted to Instagram previously Thursday.

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