The island challengeis a rite the passage for burgeoning Pokémon Trainers in the Alola region. Trainers have the right to partake in this rite once they revolve 11, which involves traveling through each that the four major islands that Alola and also completing trials on each.

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Become the Champion

The score of those taking the island challenge is to become the strongest Trainer, well-known as the Island difficulty Champion. The Island an obstacle consists of a variety of trials on each of the Alola region's 4 islands.

These trials are not restricted to Pokémon battles; they might involve finding designated item or a check of knowledge, among other tasks.Trials room all difficult tasks that need Trainers come prove themselves.

To finally complete the trial, the Trainer should defeat a Totem Pokémon in an SOS Battle.This involves you battling awild Pokémonthat can call additional wild Pokémon to its side during the battle.

Each trial has actually a Trial Captain who provides guidance come Trainers undertaking a trial. Every one of the Captains space Trainers who took on trials during their very own Island an obstacle quest a few years earlier.

Totem Pokémon

Totem Pokémon are special Pokémon the are battled at the end of every island difficulty trial.

These Pokémon are bigger than various other Pokémon that the same varieties and room enveloped in a special aura. This aura rises a certain stat that the Totem Pokémon by one stage at the start of the battle.

Since Battles through Totem Pokémon are always of the SOS variety, lock will constantly summon an ally throughout the battle.


The final trial on each island is referred to as the Grand Trial. In the grand Trial, girlfriend must battle the Island Kahuna.

If you finish an island's grand Trial, friend are recognized as having actually cleared every one of that island's trials and can move on to the following island. Completing cool trials will certainly also enable traded Pokémon to obey you.

Melemele Island Trials


Ilima's Trial

Trial Grounds: Verdant CavernTrial Captain: Ilima

In Ilima's trial, you have to find and battle 2 Yungoos and also a Gumshoos (in Pokémon Sun), or 2 Alolan Rattataand an Alolan Raticate (in Pokémon Moon). Along the way, you will confront two Team Skull Grunts and also battle among them. Once defeated, the two grunts will help you end up the trial, after i m sorry you battle the Totem Pokémon. After beating the Totem Pokémon, you will certainly be greeted by Ilima because that completing the trial and also will get a Normalium Zas a reward.

For help with beating the Totem Pokémon, review our guide on Totem Gumshoos or Totem Raticate.


Hala's cool Trial

Trial Grounds: Iki TownKahuna: Hala

After clearing Ilima's Trial, you are invited ago to Iki city to battle Kahuna Hala in his cool trial. After defeating Hala, you obtain a Fightinium Z.

For help with defeating the Kahuna, review our guide on Kahuna Hala.

Akala Island Trials


Lana's Trial

Trial Grounds: Brooklet HillTrial Captain: Lana

The an initial trial top top Akala Island is Lana's trial. After ~ investigating some mysterious splashing noises, you monitor Lana through the attempt gates, after i beg your pardon she describes that she trial involves beating the Totem Pokémon: Totem Wishiwashi. After defeating the Totem, you room rewarded by Lana through a Waterium Z and a Fishing Rod.

For help with defeating the Totem Pokémon, read our guide on Totem Wishiwashi.


Kiawe's Trial

Trial Grounds: Wela volcano ParkTrial Captain: Kiawe

In Kiawe's trial, lot of dances room performed by three Alolan Marowak. Each time two dances are performed, you have to tell the difference between the two, after i m sorry a battle ensues. The very first battle is against an Alolan Marowak, the 2nd against a Hiker with a Magmar, and also the 3rd against the Totem Pokémon: Totem Salazzle. After succesfully defeating the Totem, you room rewarded v a Firium Z.

For aid with beating the Totem Pokémon, review our guide on Totem Salazzle.


Mallow's Trial

Trial Grounds: Lush JungleTrial Captain: Mallow

In Mallow's trial, you have actually to uncover the complying with four ingredients: a Mago Berry, a tiny Mushroom, a renewal Herb, and a wonder Seed. You can uncover these by in search of them through the aid of Stoutland Search. While searching for the ingredients, you additionally have to fight multiple Pokémon: a Parasect (Pokémon Sun) or Shiinotic (Pokémon Moon), and also multiple Fomantis.

After finding all the ingredients, you assist Mallow prepare the Mallow Special. This will entice out the Totem Pokémon, which you then need to defeat. After having completed the trial, you are rewarded v a Grassium Z.

For help with beating the Totem Pokémon, review our overview on Totem Lurantis.


Olivia's cool Trial

Trial Grounds: damages of Life entranceKahuna: Olivia

After completing all 3 of Akala's trials, you are invited by Olivia to satisfy her at the ruins of Life. When showing up there, Olivia automatically challenges you to a battle. After defeating her, you room rewarded v a Rockium Z.

For help with beating this Kahuna, review our guide on Kahuna Olivia.

Ula'ula Island Trials


Sophocles' Trial

Trial Grounds: Hokulani ObservatoryTrial Captain: Sophocles

The first trial on Ula'ula Island is in the Hokulani Observatory. Captain Sophocles has actually invented the "Ping Totem Pokémon 2.0" to transfer sounds audible just to Pokémon to attract the Totem Pokémon. As quickly as it's activated, it causes a fuse to blow, and you have actually to complete a collection of audio quizzes to open up the protection door.

Answering incorrectly reasons Sophocles to receive an electric shock and you room asked the question again. After ~ completing every quiz, you fight a Pokémon: first a Grubbin, then two Charjabug, and also finally the Totem Pokémon: Totem Vikavolt.

After beating the Totem Pokémon, the strength is restored to the observatory and also you are rewarded with an Electrium Z and also a Steelium Z.

For help with defeating the Totem Pokémon, check out our guide on Totem Vikavolt.


Acerola's Trial

Trial Grounds: Thrifty MegaMart (Abandoned Site)Trial Captain: Acerola

In the second Ula'ula trial, you space asked by Captain Acerola to usage the Poké Finder to take a photo of the Totem Pokémon Mimikyu, in the exit Thrifty Megamart southern of path 14. In order to entice the Totem Pokémon out, you have to take picture of several Ghost-type Pokémon in the Megamart. To uncover these Pokémon, the player should investigate curious phenomena, after which a Ghost-type Pokémon becomes visible in the Poké Finder. When you take a picture with the Pokémon in the facility of the frame, it will certainly spot you and attack.

The Ghost-type Pokémon you fight are a Gastly, a Haunter, and also a Gengar. After defeating each Pokémon, what shows up to be a Pikachu will run in the direction that the next phenomenon. It will run towards the back door when you have defeated the last Pokémon, which will certainly then unlock. After entering the back room, the Poké Finder will fire increase automatically. As soon as you take a photo of Totem Mimikyu, you need to defeat it in battle.

After defeating Totem Mimikyu, Acerola check your photo of Mimikyu and gives friend a Ghostium Z.

For aid with beating the Totem Pokémon, check out our guide on Totem Mimikyu.

Nanu's cool Trial

Trial Grounds: Malie CityKahuna: Nanu

After defeating Team Skull in Po Town, friend are tested by Kahuna Nanu in Malie City for his cool trial. After beating him, you are rewarded with a Darkinium Z.

For assist with defeating this Kahuna, read our guide on Kahuna Nanu.

Poni Island Trials


Hapu's cool Trial

Trial Grounds: substantial Poni CanyonKahuna: Hapu

When showing up in substantial Poni Canyon, Kahuna Hapu difficulties you to a battle. After defeating her, you space rewarded with a Groundium Z.

For aid with beating this kahuna, review our overview on Kahuna Hapu.

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Kommo-o's Trial

Trial Grounds: substantial Poni CanyonTrial Captain: None

Before gaining access to the Altar the the Sunne (Pokémon Sun) or Altar that the Moone (Pokémon Moon), you have to go through Kommo-o's trial. This trial is no attended through a Captain. You need to proceed forward in the Totem's Den, battling a wild Jangmo-o and also Hakamo-o as you continue to a pedestal. Prior to you can retrieve the Dragonium Z native the pedestal, girlfriend are attacked by the trial's Totem Pokémon: Totem Kommo-o.