Dragon-form Pokémon were as soon as the strongest type Pokémon in the game—and then Pokémon X and Y came along.

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In a competitive format conquered by Fairy-kind Pokémon, a Dragon-form Pokémon’s best weakness, picking the right Dragon-kind Pokémon for your team that deserve to survive a fairy onslaught is necessary to your success. Some Pokémon have the right to only be defeated by Dragon-types, meaning players need to microcontrol their team to save their Dragon-kind for when they need it a lot of.

Arguably, Dragon-form Pokémon have end up being weaker because the introduction of Fairy-kind Pokémon in X and also Y and would certainly have actually been foracquired about if not for one feature—Mega Evolution. A few of the strongest dragons on this list count greatly on Mega Evolution to acquire the ideal out of their abilities while others can make it through on raw ability alone.

All Pokémon in this list are catchable in Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Moon. Some stronger Water-kind Pokémon, but, have the right to be transferred from one more game in the Pokémon series to Pokémon Ultra and also Moon with the Pokémon Bank if you desire to use somepoint else. Pokémon Bank is obtainable on the Nintenperform 3DS eshop for a little ybeforehand rental charge.

Ultra Necrozma


Ultra Necrozma is the combicountry of Necrozma and also either Solgaleo or Lunala. Players can Mega Evolve these combicountries in fight to get accessibility to Ultra Necrozma.

This Dragon-type Pokémon is arguably the best Pokémon in the entire game and also in all Pokémon games ever released. It has the greatest base-stats of any type of various other Pokémon, letting it deal a ton of damage to whoever before it is up against. Even against Fairy-form Pokémon, Ultra Necrozma can host its ground.

It likewise has access to an exclusive Z-Move that can destroy virtually eincredibly various other Pokémon in one hit. In some instances, the Z-Move can take a full health and wellness Pokémon dvery own to zero HP in a matter of secs.



Players deserve to uncover Rayquaza in a Red Ultra Wormhole if the player has actually a Kyogre and Groudon in their party. It is level 60, so be certain to come prepared.

Rayquaza was the best Dragon-type Pokémon ever till Ultra Necrozma came along—but it is still pretty great for every team complace imaginable.

As with Ultra Necrozma, Rayquaza is ideal supplied in its Mega Evolution form. In this create, Rayquaza gains access to the capacity Delta Stream, which is arguably the strongest capability in all of the Pokémon games.

Delta Stream causes moves that would be super effective against pure Flying-form Pokémon to deal neutral damages instead. This enables players to use a Flying-type Pokémon against its weakest matchup via no consequence. The capacity also stops an opposing Pokémon from using moves that would certainly readjust the weather, such as Rain Dance and Sunny Day.


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Type: Dragon/Fighting

In order to get Kommo-o, players will have to catch either a Jangmo-o or a Hakamo-o from Vast Poni Canyon and also evolve it to level 45. It will then evolve right into a Kommo-o.

In Sun and also Moon, Kommo-o was one of the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon. It was extremely weak and can be taken dvery own in a few hits from any kind of kind of relocate.

In Ultra Sun and also Moon, but, Kommo-o received a buff. It got accessibility to the relocate Close Combat, which can deal a ton of damage to an opposing Pokémon and in general, is a lot tougher than it once was.

Kommo-o is one of the more risky picks in the metagame. It is fun to usage in a casual play yet for a competitive ready team, you could desire to go in other places.



Players have the right to find a Bagon in Route 3 or Kala’e Bay. It have the right to then evolve right into a Salamence as soon as it reaches level 50.

Slamence’s stamina come from 2 unique abilities.

By having its special capacity be Intimiday, Salamence have the right to threaten the assault stat of opposing Pokémon, making them substantially weaker. This is necessary in double battles as it deserve to revolve the tide of the complement to your favor through the right setup.

The various other unique ability, just like Rayquaza and Necrozma, is its capacity to Mega Evolve. When it Mega Evolves, Salamence becomes a tank for your team that is able to deal out loads of damage, its speed likewise increases meaning you can strike difficult and fast against an opposing team.


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Type: Poison/Dragon

Naganadel is a Pokémon exclusive to Ultra Sun and also Moon. Players will certainly be given UB Adhesive after completing the game by the Ultra Recon Squad. UB Adhesive can then be developed right into Naganadel by leveling it up once it knows the move Dragon Pulse.

Naganadel is the just Pokémon on the list that is not weak to Fairy-form moves. Due to its distinct dual keying, Fairy-kind moves only deals regular damage to Naganadel instead of being super efficient, making it the right Dragon-type for your competitive team.

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It is most likely the strongest competitively viable Dragon-type on this list. Both Ultra Necrozma and also Rayquaza are banned in competitive play, leaving the door open up for Nagandel to fill a slot that would otherwise be taken by among the two legendary Pokémon.