Song MeaningThe lyrics set the scene of a dark leave of 2 lovers. At an initial it seems to show that she is speak goodbye to him. He clearly has something to be sorry about, maybe he go something to hurt her and also she couldn"t pardon him (you offered me her answer).I tho can"t decision why he seems to think her can assert she"ll never gain over him, though.

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But all have to take into account the verses"And when the big wheel starts to spinYou deserve to never know the oddsIf you don"t play you"ll never win"This is points in the direction of gambling. I think he took a gamble and failed, and as a an outcome she left him.

General CommentThanks to deed02392, GraphicSiren, and Serinarae808 for the stylish explanations ~ above the an interpretation of this sad song. Without your insightful interpretations i wouldn"t have the ability to offer the following possible details because that the text this so late in the game. Anyway, just putting my thoughts out together the lady that walked away and also struggled for the previous 7-9 year trying to make feeling of every the ache this tune carries. Here it goes:
GraphicSiren figured out the words from the song"s chorus to it is in a beat on gambling as a an allegory for fallout’s in love. I also think he took a gamble, the failed, and as a result he lost her but it wasn’t entirely his fault. He placed his heart on the line by heralding his feelings to her and in return she hid she true feelings native him, claiming lock were never ever anything much more than friends. She wouldn’t admit that she loves him too. She decision come hold ago her true feelings ~ he lastly opened up to her was sufficient to push him away for good, he pertained to the conclusion that she wasn’t ready for anything actual to happen in between them if she couldn’t be totally honest v him. In the start she to be the one that wanted something an ext than friendship and also she let that know just how she felt because that him when they very first met a long time ago, only he no take her serious ago then therefore they drifted apart. Time passed and also they reconnected once she got to out to him after having actually not spoken to each various other in years. He comment to her effort and it seemed prefer they were falling in love almost everywhere again. She assumed it was too great to be true and also ultimately to walk out since she didn’t believe he was being sincere as result of how he had treated she in the past even though he apologized because that his mistakes. Then together

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Serinarae808 said, theirs to be a "love that never had a possibility to blossom. The cannot give his love to her even though he desires to, other is maintaining him" from going every in or someone/something is currently holding him back from being through her. Your last hug was goodbye and that hug was additionally a deep beautiful endure of real love no words might describe. Her pride i will not ~ let her keep chasing him and he’s same stubborn in his own ways. They space flawed humans who won’t change, yes nothing an ext either of them can say or execute to conserve the partnership at this point. The over because they both space unwilling to take any an ext risks regardless of knowing deep down in your hearts that if among them would just give in they could be immensely happy together.