The suicide Squad video Explains Why You must See that in IMAX A brand-new video because that The self-destruction Squad defines why audiences should see James Gunn"s DC expanded Universe job in an IMAX-enhanced theater.

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Bloodsport in The suicide Squad
A brand-new video because that The self-destruction Squad explains why audiences should see James Gunn"s DC prolonged Universe task in an IMAX-enhanced theater. The cast for the movie will see Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis, every reprising their duties from David Ayer"s predecessor. The film will additionally mark the DCEU debuts of Idris Elba, man Cena, Daniela Melchior, David Dastmalchian, Sylvester Stallone, Steve Agee, Peter Capaldi, Taika Waititi, Michael Rooker, and also Nathan Fillion.

The standalone follow-up come David Ayer"s 2016 film, the story centers top top Amanda Waller assembling a new Task force X come head to the fictional south American island the Corto Maltese to damage the Nazi-era prison and also laboratory Jotunheim. However, the team finds their task further facility by discovering a telepathic, kaiju-sized starfish known as Starro. With Gunn"s swift production of the film after gift let walk from Guardians of the Galaxy, the time is almost here for the expendable team to go back to the screen.

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With less than a month remaining until the film"s arrival, IMAX has unveiled a brand-new video for The suicide Squad featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the film. Additionally, the video includes interviews through Gunn and also some cast members that the film, every one of whom tease the large scale of the DCEU title and also why audiences need to see that in IMAX theaters. Check out the video clip below:

SuicideSquadWB. Take it indigenous him, seeing it in IMAX is the BEST method to endure #TheSuicideSquad. Https://

— IMAX (
IMAX) July 14, 2021

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When it concerns heading to theaters, whether audiences pick to shell out the extra few dollars to see a movie in IMAX comes under to if the location is deserving the the comprehensive audio and also visual layout of the theater. Gunn very first got to try his hand in ~ the unique modern technology with Guardians the the Galaxy Vol. 2. It proved effective, make for The suicide Squad"s consists of sequences quick in the style a promising attract for the extra cost. In addition to looking prefer a better quality film, trailers and also images because that the film certainly point towards wealth of big action order worthy of attending one IMAX screening.

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That gift said, the is understandable some might be cynical to attend such a screening of The suicide Squad, even if it is from the security standpoint of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or the obtainable option to clock the film on HBO Max. Though it may be to Gunn"s chagrin, the selection of choices for the town hall the DCEU follow-up should ensure the movie becomes an additional hit for the filmmaker. Only time will tell when it come on respectable 5.

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