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Nursing Care $7,153* (click below for pricing info)
Assisted Living $2,865* (click listed below for pricing info)

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About sugar Loaf an elderly Living

Located in ~ 765 Menard Rd, street Loaf an elderly Living is a an elderly care facility offer Winona, Minnesota. The facility is in a primarily middle course area, v an typical per-household earnings of $40,680. It has a thick population, with about 37,000 civilization residing in the zip code of 55987. It is located near retail stores, churches, health care facilities, and also other neighborhood conveniences. They space located just 0.18 mile from Winona wellness Services. There room 9 pharmacies in ~ one mile that the community. There are additionally 4 churches within 4 miles, which encompass Faith Assembly the God, belief Assembly of God, Immaculate love of Mary, and Church that Jesus Christ that LDS.

Sugar Loaf an elderly Living uses the following species of care: assisted living, nursing residence care, and also memory care. Castle can treatment for those that require help with daily tasks like meal preparation, showering, and house work, yet who room able to move around and also are rather independent. Castle can likewise accommodate those who space seriously ill and also require assist with daily tasks but additionally must have actually frequent accessibility to medical services. In addition they can company those who are at diffferent stages of Alzheimer"s and also who require special assistance and care for their own safety.

Sugar Loaf senior Living features many different services and amenities. Basic amenities encompass high rate internet, a publication collection, a communal dining room, one on-site beautician, and a swimming pool. Likewise offered are nurses on site, basic assistance with an individual care, medicine support, along with other clinical services. Additionally, they sell multiple social tasks that incorporate spiritual/religious activities, health and also wellness programs, and also education programs.

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Average monthly prices of treatment for sugar Loaf senior Living are approximately $5,009. This is below the Winona median of $5,294. When the us estimated cost is about $4,930, the State the Minnesota is around $5,122 per month.

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Service Types

Assisted living Nursing house Memory Care

Property Amenities

Salon / BarbershopPoolLibraryWifi / InternetDining Room

Room Amenities

Kitchens / Kitchenettes

Room Options

Studio / Efficiency


Social ActivitiesHealth and Wellness ProgramsEducation ProgramsSpiritual / religious Activities

Medical Services

Personal care AssistanceMedication SupportNurses


Meals included


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