that is First-Ever, Live Daily display Premieres tonight at 9 ET/6 PT in ~

Free, live interactive present brings viewers the latest trends in fashion and beauty

Viewers obtain tips from expert guests, discover brand-new fashion and beauty products, and can easily shop when watching

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Frankie Grande, Rachel Smith, and also Lyndsey Rodrigues host style Code Live, Amazon"s first, daily live present which streams cost-free weeknights in ~ 9 ET/ 6 PT (Photo: service Wire)


Frankie Grande, Rachel Smith, and Lyndsey Rodrigues host format Code Live, Amazon"s first, day-to-day live present which streams free weeknights in ~ 9 ET/ 6 PT (Photo: business Wire)


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SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon this day announced the premiere of its an initial daily, live show, style Code Live. The show is committed to fashion and beauty, featuring valuable tips from format experts and also viewers, look at the audience can quickly shop, and also an interactive viewing suffer that has live chat. Format Code Live is a 30-minute show, totally free to every viewers, and also streams weeknights in ~ 9 ET/6 PT in ~ Viewers can additionally follow style Code Live for display updates ~ above Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also Snapchat (StyleCodeLive).

The format Code Live team is led by hosts Lyndsey Rodrigues, Rachel Smith, and also Frankie Grande. Together they lug three distinct styles—and one shared style-obsession. Lyndsey has hosted shows including MTV’s Total inquiry Live and has actually interviewed a range of film and also music stars. Her layout code is edgy yet entirely approachable. She is influenced by NYC, whereby there is no not correct answer in fashion. Rachel is a correspondent at abc News for Good Morning America and Nightline. Her style code is classic and feminine—though she admits to love a gutsy look and also spending her weekends in harem pants. Frankie is a tv personality and theatre actor. He is best known for his illustration on CBS’s Big brothers 16 and his duty in absent of Ages on Broadway. His format code is glam—inspiring human being to step out of the background and into the spotlight.

“I"m so thrilled to it is in a part of format Code Live. Live TV is my best passion, and also to be able to work on such an original and interactive present really is a dream come true,” said hold Lyndsey Rodrigues. “Bring on the live premiere!”

“Our client love fashion, and have want a ar to keep up with brand-new trends and also get expert tips. We created Style code Live for them, and we are just gaining started with this show,” claimed Munira Rahemtulla, head of format Code Live. “The team can"t wait for tonight’s premiere—come watch with us at 9 p.m. Eastern.”

“Style password Live offers viewers a first-of-its-kind everyday style and also entertainment experience. We’re live, interactive, and covering the latest trends in fashion and also beauty each weeknight—with guest experts, celebrities, and viewer tips,” added Terence Noonan, style Code Live’s executive, management Producer. “We are building a community and are at sight excited for our viewers come be component of it.”

top top tonight’s live premiere, guest daniel Bernstein, founder the fashion blog WeWoreWhat, share her peak three must-haves for spring. Likewise this week Grammy winner Meghan Trainor speak fashion and also beauty and also shares the inside scoop ~ above her brand-new single “No,” Frankie talks with actress Keri Russell on the red carpet of her TV series premiere, and YouTube star Tati Westbrook reveals she beauty pick of the week.

“I to be absolutely dazzling to be on this brand-new adventure hosting format Code Live! it’s been amazing cultivating the show’s fresh take on programming and the viewing experience,” said organize Rachel Smith. “Anyone who loves fashion and beauty have the right to watch, weigh-in top top the conversation, and also take far something valuable.”

Every weeknight the format Code Live team and also expert guest will help viewers discover products to achieve the looks they want. They will certainly style and also model on-trend looks together as print mixing, debate style do’s-and-don’ts, and share beauty hacks like how to use a bold red lipstick as concealer.

style Code Live has interactive features which show off the audience in every live show. Examples include:

Live Chat:
The audience deserve to join the layout Code Live conversation via live chat at any type of time throughout the show, ask questions, and share their own perspectives and also tips. Style Carousel: A format Carousel directly under the style Code Live player dynamically update to highlight products obtainable on Amazon as they space featured in the show. Style Links: A running list of links catches products and also topics discussed, consisting of those the viewers can find off that Amazon. Chat Host: Our display hosts will get involved in live chat, chiming in commonly to respond come viewer questions and also comments. Style code Love Bag: Viewers can click on the layout Code Love Bag to “applaud” segments and also products throughout the show. They’ll view the bag fill as viewers click and also release online confetti when it’s full.

“I am past excited about Style code Live! it is a fun, informative, and energetic present where we will have the ability to interact through our audience in means never excellent before,” said host Frankie Grande. “I am very proud to be a part of it!”

format Code Live streams live Monday with Thursday in ~ 9 PT/6 ET, with a “best of” show on Friday. Today viewers can watch top top their computers at, with mobile comes soon. Anyone can follow style Code Live via Instagram (
StyleCodeLive), and subscribe to receive format Code Live email notifications.

About layout Code LiveStyle code Live – Amazon’s first daily, live display – is specialized to fashion and beauty, featuring helpful tips from format experts and viewers, look at the audience can quickly shop, and also an interactive viewing endure that consists of live chat. The display is free to all viewers and also streams live Monday through Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, through a “best of” show on Friday. Viewers have the right to watch on your computers, with mobile comes soon. To follow the display via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also Snapchat (StyleCodeLive), and also sign up to obtain email notifications with format Code Live news, visit

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