Are you responsible, organized, social and on peak of your sh*t? We want YOU to it is in a part of the research Edge team!

Current open up positions

Study Edge has both part-time and full-time positions available. Listed below you will uncover information around these positions; use the table of components to jump to a details position.

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Instructor (All topic Areas)

Our organization is broadening rapidly and also as a an outcome we are looking to boost our faculty to enable us to accomplish market demand. We are searching for full-time and also part-time instructors in the Gainesville, FL area.

Our firm offers supplemental instruction for college students throughout the joined States. Instructors must have actually a strong desire to learn — ours instructors frequently teach the same subject across multiple campuses, and also as such will certainly often discover they must method material in brand-new and interesting ways. It’s an essential that instructors be intelligent and also able to think on your feet. Equally an essential is one engaging personality — instructors need to be enthusiastic around teaching and passionate about their subject area. We room a teaching company that prides itself on our outstanding ability to interact students.

We utilize a combined delivery method that combine live to teach in former of huge and tiny groups, in addition to on-demand asynchronous video instruction. The appropriate candidate will enjoy producing curriculum (lecture, practice problems, solutions, etc.), working v students, be comfortable both in prior of big groups and also on camera, and also exploring brand-new ways come teach effectively utilizing technology.

We think our occupational is a reflection of our distinct atmosphere — we have a fun and engaging workplace, i m sorry is vital since we work-related very, very hard. During the application process instructors will be request to supply sample lectures live and also in our studios for digital instruction. All brand-new instructors will obtain in-house training. Pay is really competitive, including salary, bonus, and benefits.

Send united state a video clip of friend teaching your favorite ide from a class, together with your resume! Upload your video to Google drive or Dropbox or Youtube and send us the general public sharing link.

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Study Edge director of Operations

We room hiring a brand-new full-time position: Director of Operations

Description: You will be in charge of overseeing the day-to-day company processes in ~ the examine Edge structure in Gainesville, FL. This entry-level, full-time position presents a fun and also fulfilling means to gain experience in the customer service, sales, marketing, publicly relations, and business work fields.

Primary responsibilities include coordination the the part-time operations and customer company teams, and oversight of all operational activities. This position is perfect because that someone who wants to utilize his or she leadership and interpersonal skills to thrive a company.Our firm offers supplemental instruction for college students across the joined States. It’s vital that applicants be intelligent, organized, and able to think on their feet. Equally crucial is one engaging personality — applicants have to be enthusiastic and sociable.

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Web Developer

Our organization is broadening rapidly and as a an outcome we space hiring because that a brand-new full-time position in Gainesville, Fl: web Developer

We believe our work is a have fun of our distinctive atmosphere— we have actually a fun and engaging workplace, i beg your pardon is crucial since we work very hard. We are looking for a detailed-oriented, big-picture thinking, all at once exciting person who will job-related with the research Edge team increase our web and also mobile apps to high school and college students throughout the country. Our agency offers supplemental instruction because that high school and college students throughout the united States. It’s critical that applicants it is in intelligent, organized, and able to think on your feet. Permanent positions space for those trying to find a fun occupational environment transforming the world of education. Really competitive salary, plus stock alternatives and functional vacation time. Front-end or back-end developer wanted.

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Course Contact

A semester-long paid possibility that enables you to get paid to go to class. You need to go come class, right? Might also get paid to execute it! all you have to do is take good notes and share course information through the Study professionals for your course.

RequirementsExcellent note-taking skillsFull-time college student enrolled in one or more of the adhering to courses:
ACG2021 – jae won AccountingACG2071 – Managerial AccountingACG3101 – Financial audit and report 1BCH4024 – BiochemistryCHM1025 – Intro come ChemistryCHM2045 – general Chemistry 1CHM2046 – basic Chemistry 2CHM2210 – organic Chemistry 1CHM2211 – organic Chemistry 2ECO2013 – MacroeconomicsECO2023 – MicroeconomicsFIN3403 – organization FinanceMAC2233 – service Calculus 1MAC2234 – business Calculus 2MAC2311 – Calculus 1MAC2312 – Calculus 2MAC2313 – Calculus 3MAN4504 – to work ManagementPHY2048 – Physics 1 through CalculusPHY2049 – Physics 2 through CalculusPHY2053 – Physics 1 without CalculusPHY2054 – Physics 2 there is no CalculusQMB3250 – company StatisticsSTA2023 – Statistics 1And more…
PERKsGet paid $150 ($75 half-way with the semester, and also $75 at the end)Plus a cost-free Study sheet Diamond membership because that the entire semesterOpportunity for bonus payLooks an excellent on her resumePriority consideration when examine Ege is hiring for various other part-time or full-time positionsAnd more…

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Door Manager

A part-time customer-service duty at the study Edge building in Gainesville, FL working generally in operations and also sales. This position is appropriate for applicants who space personable and detail-oriented and also those who want to develop their leadership and sales skills while gaining an useful professional experience. Because that this position, we hire in cycles and also are constantly looking for and accepting applicants.

REQUIREMENTS:Available 10-20 hrs per weekStudent at the college of FloridaCharismatic and outgoing personalityResponsible, organized and highly motivated

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Real Life 101 Internship

The real Life 101 Internship is one internship program obtainable to 15 UF students, from any kind of class or major. You’ll get real-world work-related experience in a professional setting to prepare for life ~ college. This internship provides college students through exciting and engaging opportunities to develop new skills and also see first-hand exactly how a company is run – native balancing a spending plan to leasing your first building.

You’ll invest 1.5-2 hours per mainly in a discussion about a business-related topic. Additionally, you’ll invest 2-3 hrs a week functioning on various work including: firm operations, meeting with other organization leaders in town, or volunteering in the community (including functioning with regional charities, or together a participant in educational research study studies). Each member that the internship regimen will it is in assigned a semester-long task in a ar such as marketing, operations, technology, research, or with one of Study Edge’s related companies: Tutor matching Service, Algebra Nation, or the GINsystem.

You deserve to receive increase to two (2) university credits through the college of Florida Honors program (even if you aren’t in the Honors Program). After perfect the program, you will obtain preference once Study sheet is hiring for part-time and also full-time positions. The students that really put in the extra initiative will get a small semester stipend ($300 plus a totally free Study Edge yellow membership).

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Campus Ambassador

We are in search of involved and outgoing people to sign up with our Campus Ambassador Program! You will certainly be functioning under our Marketing Manager by representing and also promoting study Edge to your organizations and on campus. Some of the perks of our regime include:

Free Diamond Membership for the semesterSemester stipendFree examine Edge merchandiseFeatures ~ above our society media

This place requires a 3-hour weekly time commitment. Girlfriend can apply here, and if friend have any kind of questions, feel cost-free to email united state at marketing

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Study sheet Internship for Non-UF Students

The research Edge Internship is easily accessible to university students across the nation outside the the college of Florida, from any class or major. This paid internship provides college students v exciting and engaging avenues to develop new professional skills and hand-operated experience using new professional programs. You’ll gain real-world job-related experience in marketing, sales, social media, and account management. The internship will certainly strengthen her communication and also time management an abilities by using organization tools favor Slack, Zoom and also G Suite (Google service Apps) i m sorry businesses throughout the nation use through their employees.

You can make your very own schedule and work anywhere from 2-10 hours/week on average. A minimum the 2 hrs is required – one hour is the Internship team video clip call and one hour is for meeting with student groups/Greek chapters on campus come secure partnerships.

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You will get a cost-free Study leaf membership and a base pay per hour plus potential bonuses for good work. After perfect the internship, friend will receive preference when Study leaf is hiring for part-time and also full-time positions.