Stretch marks, which room scars top top the skin, characterized by long depressed red or white markings, can often make a person feel me conscious. Often found on the stomach, thighs, arms, buttocks, or breasts, big marks have the right to be induced through sudden load gain, rapid expansion spurt, pregnancy, puberty, bodybuilding, or the usage of specific medication. Stretch point out can influence both men and women and can take place at any type of age. When stretch marks room a very common condition, patients might feel distressed about the illustration of this marks top top the surface of the skin. When searching for a solution, laser treatment has become the gold typical for stretch note removal.

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Laser skin resurfacing therapies have become number one mechanism for the elimination of stretch marks. When used to the influenced area, lasers emit a wavelength that light that heats the skin, triggering the production of brand-new collagen and also elastin, which in turn eliminates the scar tissue responsible because that the appearance of large marks. Dr. Green utilizes number of different types of lasers to efficiently remove these stretch marks. V a mix of VBeam laser, eMatrix, and also Fraxel laser, these undesirable stretch marks deserve to be gotten rid of in patients v all skin types.

Dr. Michele green is an expert in enhancing the figure of large marks. With over 25 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology, in her private NYC Upper east Side office, she has been consistently voted as one of the ideal dermatologists in new York. Dr. Green is an experienced in Botox, Juvederm injections, microneedling, PRP, CoolSculpting, chemical peels, Thermage, and also other laser treatments. If you space unhappy v the illustration of her stretch marks, Dr. Eco-friendly is here to aid improve your appearance with tiny or no downtime.

What space Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks, likewise known as striae distensae or striae atrophicus are scars led to by a tear in the collagen and elastin fiber that the skin. Changes in hormone levels, genetics, expansion spurts, pregnancy and also weight get or load loss, have the right to all reason stretch marks. The initial onset of stretch clues usually shows up as a red, pink, or purplish raised lines throughout the skin.

Stretch marks type in the dermis, the great of the skin comprise the connective tissue. A stretch mark is a type of scar, brought about when the skin stretches as well quickly, and causes the collagen and also elastin, which support the skin to rupture. As the skin heals, the color fades and leaves a white or silver line in the formerly red line. This fading of the stretch mark’s color, native red come white, normally occurs within six to twelve months. It is recommended that stretch note treatment start at the initial onset, as soon as the likelihood of effective stretch note removal is much higher. The is much easier to remove the red large marks with laser treatments, 보다 the later stage of scar or white large marks.


Stretch note Removal: Syneron Candela (photo after 2 treatments)

What are the risk components for emerging stretch marks?

There are plenty of potential risk determinants that have the right to lead to the advance of big marks, numerous of which room not easily preventable. Big marks most commonly construct when her body is walking through transforms such as puberty, development spurts, weight obtain or loss, and pregnancy. Genetics can likewise play a role in even if it is or no you develop stretch marks at a offered time and whether lock fade on your own. More specifically, risk components include the following:

Puberty – As teenagers go through puberty, their bodies walk through countless transformations. Sudden, or rapid development spurts can lead come the formation of big marks and also the advancement of secondary sex characteristics, such together breasts because that teenage women. Throughout puberty, large marks many commonly show up on the back, hips, and also knees. Rapid Weight obtain – Gaining weight easily in a brief amount the time have the right to lead to stretch clues on the skin, most commonly on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, and under the arms. Obesity – Gaining a significant amount of weight such that a patient becomes obese (meaning you have a body mass index, or BMI, of over 30) is additionally a risk variable for the advance of stretch marks. The hazard for occurring stretch marks as a result of obesity is greater if the load is gained really quickly. Pregnancy – The body goes through many far-ranging changes throughout pregnancy, which can be a risk aspect for emerging stretch marks. Hormone levels room in flux, which deserve to decrease skin elasticity, while at the exact same time, the skin top top the abdomen is stretching along with the growing fetus. Together such, stretch point out most commonly occur top top the stomach and also breasts yet can likewise develop on the thighs, underarm, and buttocks depending on where pregnant weight is carried. Oral Steroid usage – Some dental steroids, likewise known as corticosteroids, deserve to decrease the elasticity that the skin. Together a result, the skin is less able come stretch there is no rupturing and also causing large marks come appear. Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding is a exercise in which a person gains muscle, generally in a short amount that time. A result of getting muscle, or fat, in a brief time duration can be stretch marks whereby the elastin in the skin cannot store up with the fast growth. Genetics – There is a solid genetic ingredient to the development of large marks. Her family history can be an indication of whether stretch marks will certainly develop and also whether or not they will certainly fade on their own. Ethnicity – patients v lighter skin types are more likely to build stretch marks than individuals with darker skin tones. 

What is the illustration of big marks?

Initial appearance: Stretch point out originally appear as red bands, stripes, or lines. They generally show up when the skin is rapidly cultivation or stretching. Typically, stretch marks show up as parallel streaks of red, thin, shiny skin. This stretch marks many commonly show up on the breasts, arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, flanks, and also abdomen.

Later appearance: Stretch marks later appear as white straight scars and replace the red parallel lines. The appearance of big marks at this later stage is like long depressed scars through a different texture from the of normal skin.

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Where carry out stretch clues typically show up on the skin?

BreastsArmsHipsThighsButtocksFlanksAbdomenLower back

Dr. Eco-friendly utilizes the ideal stretch note removal treatments in her NYC private office to eliminate the figure of this striae in all skin types.