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A teacher in Tsuyukusa who is adept at classic hobbies such as martial arts and also poetry.


BirthdayWinter 26
How to satisfy KasumiKasumi arrives in Tsuyukusa ~ above Summer 15 that Year 1.
More around Kasumi
Favorite Gift Wraps
Kasumi"s favourite GiftKenchin Soup
Gifts the Kasumi Loves contents

Soups that Kasumi Loves

Casseroles that Kasumi Loves

Rice Dishes the Kasumi Loves

Drinks the Kasumi Loves

Pickle an equipment Products the Kasumi Loves

Gifts that Kasumi Likes

Crops the Kasumi Likes

Mushrooms that Kasumi Likes

Byproducts the Kasumi Likes

Salads the Kasumi Likes

Soups the Kasumi Likes

Grilled and Fried foods items that Kasumi Likes

Casseroles the Kasumi Likes

Rice Dishes the Kasumi Likes

Noodles and also Rice that Kasumi Likes

Snacks the Kasumi Likes

Drinks the Kasumi Likes

Thread and also Fabric that Kasumi Likes

Wine the Kasumi Likes

Fish the Kasumi Likes

Ingredients the Kasumi Likes

Pet provides that Kasumi Likes

Raw materials that Kasumi Likes

Flower Bouquets the Kasumi Likes

Pickle maker Products that Kasumi Likes

Gifts that Kasumi Dislikes

Mushrooms the Kasumi Dislikes

Honeys the Kasumi Dislikes

Salads the Kasumi Dislikes

Soups the Kasumi Dislikes

Grilled and Fried foodstuffs that Kasumi Dislikes

Casseroles the Kasumi Dislikes

Rice Dishes the Kasumi Dislikes

Noodles and also Rice the Kasumi Dislikes

Snacks that Kasumi Dislikes

Drinks the Kasumi Dislikes

Cheese Workshop products that Kasumi Dislikes

Seasonings the Kasumi Dislikes

Fish that Kasumi Dislikes

Ingredients the Kasumi Dislikes

Other the Kasumi Dislikes

Pickle an equipment Products the Kasumi Dislikes

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Gifts that Kasumi Hates

Mushrooms the Kasumi Hates

Salads that Kasumi Hates

Soups the Kasumi Hates

Grilled and Fried foods that Kasumi Hates

Casseroles the Kasumi Hates

Rice Dishes the Kasumi Hates

Snacks the Kasumi Hates

Cheese Workshop products that Kasumi Hates

Fish that Kasumi Hates

Other that Kasumi Hates

Kasumi"s horror GiftNata De Coco