Stevie Nicks has disputed Donald Trump‘s coronavirus diagnosis, and also how she believes “payback” is coming for the President.

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Trump and first lady Melania Trump evidenced that they were self-isolating after trial and error positive for COVID-19 previously this month.

Speaking in a new interview with Billboard, Nicks spoke of her very own experience shielding native the virus, and how her own experiences taking steroids make her think that the President to be under medicine after gift released native hospital.

“I have actually said this in every interview and I’ll say it again – ns not acquiring this ,” the Fleetwood Mac singer said. “I am never ever going to acquire something that might last because that the remainder of mine life.

“And i don’t have actually 40 years. I have actually 10 or 15, maybe. And I want these next 10 or 15 year to be brilliant, creative, wonderful years. And I am no going to be managing the aftermath of COVID-19 due to the fact that the civilization in power did not get a hold of this in March.”

Donald Trump. CREDIT: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

She added: “I will additionally say – and this is simply funny, so we can laugh about it – however President Trump obtained it. And I’m really sad because that that, because I don’t want anybody to acquire this, however he did. And also the thing is, he entered the best hospital in the world and also had this collection of drugs the none of united state will ever before get.

“He gained a complete round of 4 or five days of steroids; I had really bad pneumonia last year and also I hate steroids, since they have really bad side effects, like getting weight, and also they do you very nervous. And also so he come out and also he’s like, ‘I have actually a glow,’ and also I’m going, ‘Yeah… you have actually a steroid glow.’

“On five days of law steroids in the hospital, I never slept – never. Me and also my assistant watched the Kardashians for five solid days. We likewise watched an extremely Cavallari, south Park, ns Love Lucy, we just watched TV and also screamed v laughter for 5 days.

“When I come out of there, ns gained around — because I starved myself — 6 or seven pounds the I have actually yet to lose. And also that was over a year ago. For this reason what ns am laughing about is, simply wait until President Trump starts to acquire weight — since he will, because everybody does. Payback’s a bitch, so over there you go.”

Nicks also recently spoke around the famous craze sweeping TikTok, started by a user posting a video clip of himself skateboarding if listening come Fleetwood Mac struggle ‘Dreams’.

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Saying the video clip had “blown mine mind,” Nicks added: “I’m happy about it due to the fact that it appears to have made so many human being happy.”

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