I have actually played 3 complete (disastrous) gamings of Stellaris so much but every one of them were using a practice race and galaxy generation stats. Currently I desire to play for achievements, and every time ns go to begin a brand-new game it mirrors the complying with red text at the bottom the the screen:


It mirrors this text even when I"m utilizing a default empire, or a randomized empire, and I"ve reset all the setups to default.

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Why am ns ineligible because that achievements? deserve to anyone tell from mine screenshot if there is a setting that didn"t go earlier to default, also though i pressed the reset button?

EDIT: As pointed out in comments below, over there is an answer to another question (How to affix a Stellaris account with Steam?) that likewise includes the information in mine answer. However, the title defines a different worry (I personal scrolled previous it before posting my question), so fairly than mark as a duplicate I will certainly leave this increase for currently in instance someone else has the same confusion.

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Actually, after messing about with the settings for a minute I figured out that turning top top Iron guy mode enables achievements.

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