I want to build a new PC v a smallish SSD. I"d favor to be able to install some of my games onto the journey (those i care about loading conveniently or i play frequently), but have the remainder of castle on a larger, slow drive.

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Anybody know if this is possible? I"m sort of guessing it"s not, yet figured I"d ask anyway.


Here"s what you can do. I had actually a machine where I essential to install my tastecraftedmcd.coms on a different drive so i symlinked the steamapps directory. You deserve to do the same with the directories within of steamapps. I"ve acquired it working in Vista and Windows 7 using mklink.

EDIT: Install vapor on the SSD and also then symlink the games you aren"t making use of as much with their data ~ above the slow drive.


As the the latest steam version because that Windows, the is possible to install tastecraftedmcd.coms to arbitrary locations. To perform so, click "Install" in your library or the store and choose "Create new Steam library" in the "Choose drive to download to" dropdown menu. This choice will just be available for games using the brand-new content system, you might need to use the tricks indigenous the various other answers if you desire to move the ones the don"t use it.

Note that the download dialogue will certainly not offer the choice to create a different library top top a journey that already has one, to carry out that you need to go to heavy steam -> setups -> downloads + Cloud -> steam Library Folders and click on "Add library folder".

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There are now a couple tools that assist with this process:http://stefanjones.ca/steam/ andhttp://www.traynier.com/software/steammover

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There is now native support for this feature on Windows. You"ll see the option at install time.

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Something prefer this is totally possible -- one means is to merely install two separate copies of Steam, one on every drive. Simply make sure to close the end of the one circumstances before changing to a game installed under the various other (Steam won"t let an ext than one of itself operation at any type of time)

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As Alastair Pitts said, you can"t have dual-located /steamapps folders.

However, if you"re worried around space, you deserve to collect the GCFs native the vapor apps folder, and also store these on a separate drive, climate re-locate them when you desire to play this infrequently play games. Further, you could "uninstall" them native your steam games, however bring them ago with the gcf"s once you need them; yet this may involve much more bandwidth consumption that indented (if steam wants to inspect for updates, etc)

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(Windows OS solution) Symbolic web links are terrific solution come hosting games in a location that isn"t the actual install location, or on a tough drive the is not your major drive. Castle are comparable to developing shortcuts, but the difference is that home windows will view them as actual paths, no shortcuts.

For example:

C: is my main drive. Windows is installed on this drive.

I develop a symbolic attach (very similar to a shortcut) at "C:Battlefield" i m sorry points come "E:Battlefield". Now, I have the right to install Battlefield come "C:Battlefield", and as much as home windows is concerned, that is whereby it is installed. But, the documents are actually preserved on "E:Battlefield" because that is whereby the symbolic attach points to!

The command because that this would be:

mklink /D "C:Battlefield" "E:Battlefield"For this command to work, the target ("E:Battlefield") should exist, and the link ("C:Battlefield") should not exist prior to the command is executed.If you currently have your application mounted at the C: directory, you can copy it over to the E: directory (while that isn"t running), and also then delete the north C: folder before executing the command.

You can execute this from home windows command line. In home windows 7, just type "cmd" into the search bar within the begin menu and also press enter to open up the command line. In home windows XP, walk through start menu, click "Run" and then enter "cmd" for the parameter and press Enter!

I only provided the surname "E:Battlefield" as an example, you could name this whatever you want. "E:gamesf3" would work-related as well, or everything other path/name you wish to give it.

See more: The Command Exited With Non-Zero Status (Bash Reference Manual)

This method is extremely efficient when your primary difficult drive is a solid state drive without lot space, yet you want your set up applications to be watched on the major drive. Specifically nice because that the Steamapps folder, or certain games within it.