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Fortunately, beating The destruction on Brutal mode is much simpler than unlocking The Dig difficult achievement. In this article, I will certainly be revealing a an easy strategy you have the right to use come beat this article.

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There are really only two things you need to worry about when functioning on this mission: continually trainingunits and using the drill intelligently.

If you space attacking the best units with the drill and set up your defense intelligently, this mission becomesvery, really easy. Below, i will offer you a step-by-step plan for beating this mission in Brutal Mode.

Step-by-Step The dig Brutal Guide

Note: the just thing girlfriend really need to worry about is defending you yourself here. Worry about the research andachievements once doing this mission end again on difficult mode.

The first thing you should do is get to her base there is no losing any units. You should have the ability to kill both initial to adjust of systems you need to fight on the means to your base there is no losing any units. Micro (run) your hurt units away so the medics can heal them up, and do no let the Archon get near her Marines. As soon as you gain to your base, develop 1 Bunker at every entrance and also start training Siege Tanks and also SCVs. Place 2 Tanks in ~ the north Entrance to your base and 1 tank in ~ the south entrance to her base. Emphasis on building as countless SCVs together you can at the begin of the game. You will need a large economy to construct up her defense appropriately. As soon as girlfriend get regulate of the Drill, usage it to kill off Immortals and also Archons. In ~ the phibìc entrance to your base, you will desire to construct a complete of 3 Bunkers. Friend will want 2 Bunkers at the southern component of her base. However, the bulk of your defense must be Siege Tanks. Train Siege tanks non-stop (eventually you will certainly want around 10-12 at every entrance to your base). In ~ the start of the game, the devices coming indigenous the northeast will be the many dangerous as they have a straight-shot at your base. Be sure to choose them off first. Fill the Bunkers with primarily mercenary Marines and also Marauders. Ar 2 SCVs at each entrance come repair points as they come in. At around 85,000 wellness remaining on the door, girlfriend will start seeing Immortals. Immortals, not Archons, are your #1 kill priority. Constantly use the drill to kill Immortals. At roughly 70,000 wellness remaining top top the door, the an initial wave the air devices will come in. Before this (at approximately 75,000 health) friend will desire to start building a most Missile Turrets. You will certainly want approximately 10 total, all along the border that the Missile Turret. Usage the Laser to death off the Carriers rather than concentrating on the autumn Ships. Her Missile Turrets will easily kill off the drop Ships - the Carriers and also Void Rays are much more dangerous. Save training Siege Tanks non-stop. You have the right to never get enough of these. Make sure you execute not pull the drill turn off for units prefer Zealots and Stalkers. These will quickly get picked off by her Siege Tanks. At around 50,000 health, an ext dangerous units start entering the fight. The most dangerous unit on the ar is the High Templar. Continually scan for these and also use the drill to death them. A Psionic Storm on her Siege Tanks have the right to be devastating. The second most dangerous unit is the Colossus. That does no do lot damage, yet provides vision for the Immortals which will certainly then proceed to attack your tanks indigenous the reduced ground. The just other thing that can wipe you out late in the video game is a swarm that Immortals native the North-east. Due to the fact that they have actually a straight-shot right into your base, Immortals are very deadly, an especially if over there is a group of them.

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Keep this up and eventually the door will break down.

Brutal video Walkthrough for "The Dig"

Here is a video guide that you can follow together with for "The Dig" on Brutal mode:

Part 1

Part 2

The destruction Brutal guide Conclusion

Use the drill to kill Immortals, Colossi, High Templar, and also Carriers, and let your defense carry out the rest.Constantly train Siege Tanks and be sure to store a few SCVs the end for repairs and this mission is easy. Gain thequick win!


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