A testimonial of the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire virtual reality endure at The VOID in Downtown Disney, Disneyland and also Disney Springs, Walt Disney World.

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The VOID Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a Star Wars-themed virtual reality suffer that is out of this world! The virtual fact agency, The VOID, teams with Lucas Films to develop a thrilling brand-new adventure. Best of all, you deserve to endure this attractivity at both the Disneyland also Resort and also the Walt Disney World Rekind.

The VOID boasts about it’s “hyper-realistic” VR—and we were originally hesitant. It sounded choose a great tagline to get visitors to buy tickets, but how genuine is it?

The answer: extremely, very genuine.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Realm has guests walking with tight corridors, inside an adversary base, and even over lava pits! Tbelow are thrilling moments, terrifying experiences, and also iconic interactions (we won’t spoil the “iconic” components for you). No issue what you’re doing, you feel entirely immersed in the action.

Set during Rogue One, you become a rebel, battle Storm Troopers, and even feel when among them blasts you via a laser. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt, but your reaction is actual. Our group was screaming, ducking, and shooting for our lives!

It’s mind blowing to pop on a VR headset and start walking with a whole people. It’s like being inside of a video game as you watch the story unfold around you. No issue as soon as you turn, activity sequences seem to show up.

Check Out the Preview for Secrets of the Empire:

The VOID is located outside of the parks, in Downtvery own Disney at the Disneyland also Rekind and at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World. However before, many kind of even more cities host the attraction:

Anaheim, CA (Disneyland also Resort)Santa Anita, CAGlendale, CASan Francisco, CASanta Monica, CAOrlando, FL (Walt Disney World Resort)Atlanta, GAMinneapolis, MNLas Vegas, NVPlano, TXWashington, DCCanada: Edmonton, Mississauga, and also Toronto

We extremely recommend Secrets of the Realm for any type of Star Wars fan. It’s among the a lot of interesting means to become component of the Star Wars world. Keep in mind that VOID commonly alternates in between different experiences, depending on the day. For example, the Marvel-themed Avengers: Damage Control rotates at the Disney design template parks. Therefore, Star Wars experiences may not be easily accessible throughout your visit.

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Tickets are about $35 a person and also guest should be a minimum of 48″ (1.20 m) and also 10 years of age or older. The attractivity lasts an exceptional 30 minutes and also tickets need to have to be in advanced. However before, spots are normally easily accessible exact same day.

Tickets and also schedule: https://www.thevoid.com/dimensions/starwars/secretsoftheempire

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