Well…here we are. After 4 seasons and over 76 episodes, it every comes under to this.

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With no means to totally take under the Solarian warriors under Mina Loveberry’s control, Star proposes a radical solution: ruin the magic power that controls them. Star factors that if she can ruin the kingdom of Magic, it will certainly undo the order her mommy (Moon Butterfly) provided to aid Mina bring the warriors to life.

However, together a decision comes through a hefty price: not just will Star and also others that wield the magic shed their powers, however the dimensional portals the magic controls, will be close up door forever, shutting off all accessibility to the majority of Star’s inter-dimensional friends…including Marco Diaz.


I don’t think any type of of us assumed that when we first saw Star concerns Earth four year ago, among the biggest selling-points the the collection would end up being the point that had to be destroyed. At times, Cleaved virtually feels top top par v season 3’s episode Toffee, offered that we’re dealing with the devastation of magic, yet in a slightly various context.

While Eclipsa and Moon have actually parts come play in this story, Star and Marco space front-and-center because that the bulk of it. Us do get to uncover out what taken place to Tom from number of episodes ago, though it feels like one of the weaker revelations in this story (almost like the writers essential to acquire themselves out of a corner, and keep that in the story somehow).

We likewise get some fan-related callbacks, and some unanticipated revelations before the finish of the episode, consisting of just what “the whispering spell” incantation is (though it’s true objective still is unrevealed).

For me, this 22-minute episodes have regularly been a means for the collection to offer us much more emotional stories, and also there is many of emotion come be had actually here (with one moment concerning Moon really getting me ‘right in the feels’). However, I also had to emphasis my attention on this episode’s story as a whole…and in the sense, Cleaved comes throughout as a good-but-not-great final effort for Star vs the forces of Evil.

Maybe if the large, final storyline that the series had been packaged as a 2-hour movie, it can have felt more satisfying. Offered what we’re taking care of in the 22-minute time-frame here, points feel a tad uneven, like there’s a rushed attempt to tie increase a couple of loose ends prior to we get attracted into the final conclusion.

Speaking of conclusions, I had actually some ideas just whereby the story can end, and I to be surprised to discover I was…maybe, 35% on-the-nose? The various other 65% was absolutely something i couldn’t have actually foreseen, however I execute feel that several of the stories complying with the season 4 Coronation episode, to be hinting in ~ what the conclusion would certainly be.

In the end, it’s exciting to think how far Star Butterfly has actually come together a character after 77 episodes. From a hyperactive girl developing flaming rainbows, to a young woman that is willing to make a significant sacrifice if it will help others, it has actually been rather a journey.

This wasn’t the ending I would have envisioned, however from one emotional and dramatic storypoint, Cleaved manages to execute a kind job. That didn’t feel fairly as solve an finishing episode as Toffee from last season (or the conclusion to one more great Disney animated series: Gravity Falls), but I doubt there will be numerous upset with how it all turned out.

Best line from episode (said by Star Butterfly): “Ho-ho-ho, you don’t have any kind of skin!”

Best heat from episode (said by Marco Diaz): “O-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, down goes the zipper.”

When I an initial started watching Star vs the forces of Evil end 4 years ago, ns noticed a absence of civilization writing evaluate after the first couple of episodes. That led me to start filling the feet I found online through these reviews of my own. The end of a variety of things I’ve written around on this blog, this series is the just one I’ve reviewed from (near) it’s start, all the method to the end.

While Star has not had enough outstanding material to put it up with few of the best animated collection I’ve seen, it’s weirdness and acknowledgments the “magical girl” anime, were what preserved me watching, and to see what Daron Nefcy could lug to an American-made magical-girl series.

One that my best disappointments, to be while Star go garner it’s very own rampant fanbase online, it seemed that countless did not share in a many the show’s mysteries the intrigued me. There were not hundreds of civilization trying come decipher the Mewni alphabet us saw, wonder about the backstory that obscure characters, or shot to draw conclusions approximately the dozens of things we observed that to be never provided answers to. If the Gravity Falls fandom would have actually been examining everything being thrown in ~ them, the bulk of the fandom for Star, seemed more hung up on which of the fanships gift shouted around online, to be “the one, true faith.”

While i am sad ns didn’t really find an all-inclusive neighborhood to discuss the present with throughout it’s run, i was happy that ns did have actually the possibility to satisfy some the the cast and also crew.

Along with acquiring the chance to speak through Daron Nefcy and also Dominic Bisignino at The D23 Expo a couple of years ago, a highlight was running into Adam McArthur external the convention hall, and getting a one-on-one meeting through him (plus, Marco gave me a date of birth shout-out in one of the show’s livestreams a few years ago too!).

A many younger fans have broadened on the series in many ways, through all manner of fanart and also comics the have shown up online. As for me, i took the ticket and also rode the ride as much as the tracks would take me when it came to the collection (and the un-finished Joe Books comic collection and the two Disney book publications tied into it). Much like how the series Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2 I read in my teens/twenties ended, Star vs the forces of Evil’s final illustration assures united state that the adventures will certainly continue, but for united state in the visual worlds of animation, it appears that the portal has officially closed.

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This may not be the finish of Star posts for me, together I may do a few more introspection short articles on the series, or another Top 10 illustration list. For now however, it’s time to wrap increase this critical episode evaluation for Star vs the pressures of Evil.