In the episode, Simone over dosed on drugs and went into a coma and died. When she dies, she observed her mom (Mary) and she stared singing to her. To sum up what Mary was… Read More 

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There's a light...Inside the darkSee the days are long and also cold and also brokenFilled with scarsI understand it ain't easyTo store movin' onSo you can come on house to meStay through me babyBaby, babyI'm here for youI'm here for youThrough the rain and also the battles, whateverI'll be there, too'Causage it ain't time to goYeah, this I knowYeah, this I knowWe gained a lot more to doDoSo come on, come on backCome, come backTo meI've been with it all, battered and also bruisedThis life... It ain't no wayFor no one to liveMy broken spirit's had enoughI can't stayThe mechanism has failedI'm goin' through hellAnd I just want my mother's love againWant to run into her arms
Don't go, don't go, come on backCome on house, baby, ago to meDon't leave 'reason I require you backCome and lay your head down alongside meOoh, ooh-ooh, ooh-oohI understand it ain't easyTo save movin' on so you canCome on residence to meYou don't need to stayCome take my handYou've had actually enoughI'll wipe your tears amethod with all of my loveMy loveSo, come on backCome on homeDon't you leave, don't you go

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Come on, babyI need you hereCome to my arms, let me organize youDon't leave meOn my ownJust one timeI want you homeI require you closeRight below in my armsSo come on backSo come on homeTo me
In the episode, Simone over dosed on drugs and also got in a coma and also passed away. When she dies, she saw her mommy (Mary) and she stared singing to her. To sum up what Mary was singing, she was basically informing her to come on as much as heaven bereason the cold people we live right into day is stressing her out and that she doesn’t must be all over but heaven via her.

Her sister Star, was singing to Simone while she remained in a coma informing her to remain here on Planet. She was saying that they (the group) have so much left to carry out and that she’ll be tright here via her via those difficult times.

Simone sings likewise while in the coma. She’s confirming that she is going to hell and also that she simply wants to have actually her mothers touch an additional time.

If you desire to know if she chose to go or stay, you’ll just have to watch STAR on