Spot: The Video Game

Developer: Virgin MastertronicPublishers: Arcadia Systems (US), Bullet-Proof Software (JP)Platform: NESReleased in JP: October 16, 1992Released in US: September 1990

This game has surprise developer credits.

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Spot: The Video Game is a strategy game that is conceptually equivalent to the board game "Reversi", but via 7-Up"s circular mascot in location of the pieces. Wacky animated hijinks ensue.

Hidden Credits


Set all 4 players to CPU level 5, start the game, and also then wait for it to finish (you may desire to grab a snack, or use Game Genie code GZNTIGAE for the US version or GXETIGAE for the Japanese version to finish the game after the first item is placed). The victory scene will certainly play out as usual, yet through the names of the developers in place of the usual "(color) WINS!" text.

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The full message is as follows:

Code by Graeme Devine and also Dan ChangArt by Robert Stein III and also Darren BartlettMusic by Ken HedgehockProduced by Graeme Devine and also Robert Stein III
Another bit of credits message deserve to be discovered at 0xBBC3 in the ROM:

According to Graeme, the factor behind the hard-to-locate credits screen was bereason the developers weren"t really allowed to have actually their names in the games. Although, interestingly enough, like many type of other Virgin Gamings titles on the NES, the game"s credits can be discovered in the instruction hand-operated. Even the Japanese variation has its own staff listed.

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Spot: The Video Game
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