“I have family who resides in Cape Coral and was told around this place. While us were in town last weekend they determined to inspect it out and take us. This place is AWESOME. To start off…” more

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“I wanted to offer Fancy's a five star review, but, the fact that on this night they reserved every solitary table leave no openings for walk in diners was a actual turn off. We arrived at 5:00 pm and the restaurant…” more


“This is a nice little sports bar. It has actually lots that bar food alternatives but nothing wowed us. Us really” more


“LOVE THIS PLACE! Rarely have the right to you discover a sports bar v a gluten totally free menu - thank YOU! and also bonus” more

“This is a nice sporting activities bar/restaurant with amazing burgers! I had mine with an egg and also bacon, and also it” more

“Duffy's is the best! the is so an excellent to have actually a people class sporting activities bar and also grill in ours backyard. Noah” more

“ and shared it. The steak was cooked together requested. It was surprisingly decent. So for a household sports bar” more

“ that you would normally obtain at any sports bar so the was what was. The place itself is nice” more

“Wasn't really aware of it gift a "sport's bar" place. Sunday afternoon v football on was a bit” more

“ each look great. Ours waitress was outstanding. Never ever thought a sports bar would have such good food and service.” more

“Have lunch through a friend at Downtown area, we uncover ourselves within the Lodge or a traveler Sports” more

“To give credit wherein credit is due...I've to be back about 6 times because my 1st bad review(you know, breasts trump hunger). The 2nd time ns went, great food had a really good…” more

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"This is a nice tiny sports bar. It has lots the bar food choices but nothing wowed us. Us really took pleasure in the chicken tenders however my coconut mahi sandwich was just okay. The fish sandwich was actually a small over fried (the batter was borderline burnt) however at the very least the fish was moist inside. The fries aren't something to create home about and the kids fried shrimp was simply over all okay. Will I return? Maybe. Is it what I'm dying to return to? no really. It can be us didn't order their specialty, but if us return we will certainly be probably try something different. However, they were clean and also had overall good service which sometimes to me is worth much more than anything else in the sports bar category."