Tbelow are times you wish you had actually 2 tablets - that method, you could sfinish an e-mail on one yet read an write-up on one more. With Split display screen view, you can perform that via just one tablet. This function lets you open 2 apps on your tablet and use them at the same time, so you have the right to multijob even more conveniently and also quicker than ever. You deserve to also usage the pop-up check out function, which enables you to open up an app in a small pop-up window that have the right to be relocated roughly on the display screen.

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Indevelopment offered uses to gadgets offered in Canada. Available displays and settings might differ for taballows offered in various other countries.

Placed ameans your second tablet, and simply use Split screen view to multitask and also gain points done. Tap Recents in the navigating bar. Tap your desired app"s icon, and also then tap Open in break-up display view.


To open up an additional application in separation display watch, tap on a 2nd application from Recents or through the Apps screen. The apps will display screen beside one an additional and you have the right to use both at the very same time. To adjust the dimension, touch and drag the blue line up or dvery own to redimension right into a desired separation.

To departure the separation display watch, tap Recents or Home, in the navigation bar, and then tap X (at the optimal of the screen) to close.


Not all apps support split display screen view. Consequently, just apps supporting this feature will sell it.

Pop-up see is another neat way to satisfy your multi-tasking desires. Similar to a computer interconfront, you can open an application as a window. Tap Recents in the navigating bar. Tap your desired app"s icon, and also then tap Open in pop-up view.


You have the right to usage your finger to relocate the app home window approximately the display screen. The pop-up see additionally has various other settings (at the peak right corner of the floating window) to make it simpler to use. Here are what the different controls carry out from left to right:


Floating icon: Minimize the app into a floating symbol that you have the right to open up up later. You deserve to relocate the icon around the display and also make more than one application right into an icon.

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You deserve to change the size of the pop-up check out window by poignant its sides and dragging your finger vertically or horizontally.


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