TREE ENVY & A botanical MIRACLE I had fiddle leaf fig tree envy for years. Every gorgeous inner shot in Domino and all the legit designers havefiddle sheet figs. They just scream, “Oh yeah. This room is so awesome the a large plant just lives right here 24/7.”

I wantedone. In the worst way.

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I was pained bymy i can not qualify to grow also a measly herb. Every those majestic fiddle leafs in the pictures just mocked me.Fast front a few yearsand wonder of all miracles, I’ve somehow preserved mine alivealmostalmost two years.

I get emails every the time around Newton…my fiddle leaf fig tree.If you’ve to be hanging aroundthisblog for any kind of amount that time, you’ve heard aboutmy serial plant killingways.I don’t just have actually a “black thumb”, my totality stinking arm might also be deadly.

I love plants. Yet they hardly ever love me back.

When I brought Newtonhome, ns vowedto save him alive. Comehell or high water. The typical plant care tips weren’t gonna’ cut it.I needed to execute more.

I had actually to woo mine fiddle sheet fig tree.

THE work I brought HIM HOME We have actually a little something my husband jokinglyrefers to as the“ceramic graveyard”. It’s a clues behind ours tool burned where all my empty pots room stacked, plantless and unfulfilled. Here was the scene whenI tried to casually sneak in a 3 foot tree into the home without himnoticing…

ME: Oh hey, did girlfriend eat having lunch yet? (Nonchalantlytrying to adjust the subject prior to the conversation ever started.)

(Almost chokes on coffee together he sees the tree.) STU: Really?? Well, that’s confident of you.

ME: I can handle this!! reportedly the bigger the plant, the harder that is come kill.(Lie.)

ME: Plus that was totally on sale, and I couldn’t pass up a great deal.(Another lie.)

ME: Doesn’t that look gorgeous in the living room?!?

STU: Sure…This week that does. (Hums the funeral march)

(Gives unreasonable hand gesture and also then whispers come the plant…) ME: Don’t hear to him. You haveyour whole life front of you.

TIPS + SUPERSTITION therefore here’s the deal…There space some “tried and true” fiddle leaf fig tree care tips that you can discover anywhere online. I researched and followed most of them and also will place those the end for you today.

However just “following the rules” has not offered me fine in my previous plant endeavors. For Newton’scare plan, I added severalunorthodox things that I routinely do. Here’s my take it on how to keep afiddle sheet fig alive and also happy…



1. Choosethe right Planter. -The lovely lady at the nursery informedme the buying too big of a pot deserve to be a deathtrap for a fiddle sheet fig. For a little plant, go through 8″-10″ diameter. For larger plants, 12″-14″ is the max dimension you’ll want to use. -Make sure that there space drainage feet in the bottom on your pot. (I put a few rocks beneath the soil and also and likewise used a pot through holes. A clear plastic liner sits between the planter and also my floor.)

2. Pick the placement Carefully. Fiddle leaf figs like sunlight, but too lot harsh sunlight deserve to be a problem. Place in a clear area wherein they obtain at the very least 4 hours of sunshine a day, yet avoid direct sunlight.I placed mine in a edge that receives many light, however I have drapes that filterthe sunlight’s effect.

3. Seldom Move however Often Rotate. -These men are homebodies. They don’t want to walk galavanting almost everywhere the place, or they tend toact out.You can want to let it obtain some outdoor air a couple times during the year, just not in a public season.Pick a place in your residence that he’ll be able to stay put. -Fiddle sheet figs tree growtoward the light, so you’ll want to revolve the planter every couple of weeks. (I did NOT perform such a an excellent job that this, so Newton is a tad heavy on one side. I can relate…)

4. Have tendency to the Leaves. -You’ll desire to lightly dust the pipeline as needed. Even a thin layer that dust have the right to block sunlight from taking in and stunt the tree’s growth. -Water the pipeline by misting through a spray party after dusting.

5. Wait to Water. -This is most likely the most crucial tip…Do not overwater. The suggested an approach is to wait until the height inch of soil is dry however you have the right to still feeling moisture an customs deep. Factors likewhere girlfriend live, pot size, humidity have the right to all impact how regularly this is. (See my actual indicator to water below.) *WATCH: leaves droppingmean either end or under watering. Brown leaves at the bottom area authorize of over watering. Brown leaves at the top could meanunder watering.

6.Give your Tree His Vitamins. i heard from a pair readers thatSuperthrive plant Vitamin Solutionwas a wonder worker for your sick FLF, so i tried it the end myself. Include a cap of that to some water and pour it right into the soil if you an alert your leaves limp or sickly.You can evenadd this come the soil duringgrowing season to aid boost new leaves. (Just check out the glow Amazon evaluate by botanists and also you’ll be sold favor I was.)

MY really UNOFFICIAL tips FOR maintaining FIDDLE sheet FIGS HAPPY

In addition to the “real rules”, right here are mine superstitious habits that have actually served my FLF well…

1. Nameyour tree. He demands to feeling like among thefamily. Plus, if you surname him it’s most likely you’ll remember come take treatment of him more like a pet and less choose a houseplant.

2.Serenade the tree daily. SometimesI’mbelting the Beatles, andother time Ellie Goudling is blasting onPandora. Newton seems to like both. Equally.

3. Fiercely guard against plant terrorists. (AKA: toddlers) Newton and the surrounding area is completelyoff borders to mine daughter. Ceramic vases and also white chairs? walk for it. Come close to the plant, and also I will take your tiny hiny down.

4. Water as a lastresort. ns wait until thetop leaves begin dropping simply the teensiest bit before giving any type of water. Ns am one over-waterer through nature, so this guarantee that ns don’t overdo it.This trickhas worked well because that me and my guy, however it is a tad risky. (*It end up being around a when a mainly watering for the climate us live in and also the size of mine tree.)

Who knows what’s really preserved himalive for almost 2 year (Sheer luck? A miracle?) yet I’m not taking any chances.

I will continue to do all of the above. Because that as lengthy as we both candlestick live.


*The small brown part that looks like a dying bud is actually normal. All brand-new leaves look like this in the beginning.

TROPICAL plants IN COLD CLIMATES? Becausethese room tropical tree a lot of of human being think the you need to live in a sunny state to have one. Well,I happen to live in the tundra that Missouri, and I still have a flourishing plant. Producing the right conditions inside is the key. We use a humidifier in the coldest months because that my daughter, but I’m certain Newton appreciates it together well.

So yes,Midwesterners…you too can have a fiddle sheet fig.

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PLANT FEAR scared to strike the end for the 1,000th time through a plant, much much less a gorgeous fiddle leaf tree? I’m informing you, it’s precious the danger to try. Buy one from IKEA or your local nursery andjust go for it! Newton and also I room rootin’ for ya.

PS: check out my free guide listed below with 11 of my favourite houseplants also YOU can grow:)