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A funeral home with a history of compassionate service, Gregory W. Spencer Funeral directors in fort Worth, Texas, has actually cared for households from every backgrounds due to the fact that opening in 1980. Established by Rev. Gregory Wayne Spencer, who was a funeral manager of nationwide prominence, the funeral home has a long background of creating memorable memorials.

Our solutions today include timeless funerals, contemporary memorial services, graveside ceremonies, an easy and full-service cremation, pre-planning, online obituaries and grief support.

A welcoming ft Worth funeral home

Though some points have readjusted in our nearly 40 year in business, one thing has actually not: Gregory W. Spencer Funeral directors prioritizes an individual attention. Through an understanding of the special treatment that families need after shedding a loved one, our funeral directors offer unparalleled experienced guidance and also honor loved ones through dignity and also respect.

Located top top Miller way in southeast fort Worth, our red brick building is a comfortable place to arrangement a funeral or cremation. The recently remodeled chapel seat 200 guests and includes an organ, a contemporary sound system and monitors because that a multimedia presentation. We deserve to decorate the room any way you choose, turning the an are into a nightclub or a barbershop, displaying a cherished hat collection or an artist’s watercolors. Start with a story, we’ll architecture something truly one-of-a-kind from there.

Should you and also your guests great to linger after a service, a small hospitality room gives a location for coffee, tea and fellowship.

Personalized cremation services

Cremation is an increasingly usual decision, however not anyone knows the there are countless cremation choices. If you room interested in cremation, the funeral residence team can describe the process and the miscellaneous cremation options. Native a straight cremation there is no a organization or a witness to a complete funeral service prior to or after the cremation and also more, we aid you understand this option.

Pre-plan a funeral at Gregory W. Spencer Funeral Directors

Planning a funeral ahead of time enables you to do clear-headed, stress-free decisions about the kind of business you’d like. Once you pre-plan your funeral, you select the things that will certainly tell your story best and relieve your family members of the emotional and also financial load of planning because that you. You likewise lock in today’s prices—something the inevitably saves money. Pre-planning discussions have the right to sometimes be awkward, but we can assist with hard conversations. A committed team member knows just exactly how to define your choices and support you the whole way through.

Let us guide you

We proud ourselves on taking care of the details, and the passion we feel for our longstanding function in the area is noticeable in ours work. Our founder to be a beloved component of the ft Worth community, and many of our team members have worked at the funeral home for an ext than 30 years. We room your friends and also neighbors—and we constantly treat you that way.

At Gregory W. Spencer Funeral Directors, a member of ours team is always easily accessible to take your speak to right away, day or night, and we welcome girlfriend to tourism the funeral home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, whether you space planning front or have an prompt need.


Funeral company was Gregory Wayne Spencer’s passion from a very young age. Family members say he taught in his backyard and held funerals because that birds, frogs and pets in his neighborhood. At the period of 9, he began attending funeral services at Baker Funeral Home, where he later operated washing funeral cars and as an usher.

A clever young man, Gregory graduated a year early on from green B. Trimble technological High School and then petitioned the Texas Funeral service Commission for permission to attend the Dallas institute of Mortuary science at period 17 (the required period at the moment was 21). When he obtained his funeral director’s license two years later on in 1975, he to be the youngest funeral manager in Texas. In 1978, he came to be an ordained minister and later foundedThe Church in ~ Philadelphia in ft Worth.

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Gregory opened Gregory W. Spencer Funeral director in 1980. By the mid-1990s, his namesake funeral home handled about half of the funerals for ft Worth’s black community—about 550 deaths a year—and Gregory attended every one. The earned a reputation together an innovator, a showman, and a tireless poet and also composer.

At one time, the funeral home had two other locations. Gregory W. Spencer & sons Funeral directors at the McGowan Mansion and also Gregory W. Spencer & sons Funeral directors at Cedar Crest, both in Dallas, are currently closed. The original fort Worth location carries on v the job-related of our generosity founder, who passed away in 2003. He dedicated his life to funeral service and the community. We space proud come uphold that tradition as component of the Dignity Memorial network.