About a month earlier, I shed the necklace my beloved provided me for our two year anniversary. I was constantly extremely mindful via it, however it fairly literally simply disappeared. I've torn my dorm room apart twice searching for it, and also no luck :( I just want to discover my favorite necklace.

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Any spells, churts, or tricks to recoup lost items are considerably appreciated. Thank you so much qwq


I commonly say a prayer to Saint Anthony and then repeat the complying with while trying to find or visualizing I uncover the lost item (I didn't compose it however I cannot remember wright here I acquired it from. I simply know it works):

"What was shed now is found, As my magick circles round. Whether you are hidden far or close to, I contact you currently to come fulfill me here"

I typically modify it if important. It's helped me reunite with a shed pet too :)

This. It’s actually from Llewellyn lol. Regardless of any kind of feelings around that, I agree it works. It’s done so for me a number of times and also I’ve also had actually my daughter carry out it via some guidance. It’s my first go to. OP I wish you excellent fortune with finding your item!

I know this is a little old but I’d favor to say thanks to you so much for this! I lost my Grimoire (I understand, that’s a huge OOF moment) and also after this I had the ability to walk ideal over to wbelow it was and also pick it up, despite

Hold out your recieving hand while reasoning as plainly as you deserve to around the item you've shed. Visualize it in your hand also, feel it, touch it, feeling it, smell it (if it has actually a scent) and also host that in your mind.

Then revolve your body (while holding the hand out) and attempt and alert any sensations as you revolve your body about (a bit choose trying to find the heat while playing a game of hot-cold.)

I perform this when I've shed something and it (not constantly, yet sometimes) works to obtain me to hone in on wbelow it can be.

EDIT: This might call for an excellent connection through the earth. She has a way of understanding what sorts of points are connected to her either physically or energetically.

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Don't message the user u/thepsychic-1. They are a scammer that keeps deleting and making brand-new accounts.

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I had actually a feeling they were something alengthy those lines, thank you!

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Silver Ravenwolf has a area in among her books referred to as “Quantum Manifestion”. Basically, the idea is your world just has actually room for X amount of points at a time. So once you lug something else right into your world, somepoint already there gets - for absence of a much better word - “phased out”.

Her method to this (and one I have actually provided successfully many times) is this: everyone involved through looking for the item hregarding agree - if this is just you, then you still have to agree, via yourself and also your universe - on numerous points.

The item is lacking. State out loud “ is missing.” (

The item will be discovered. State out loud “I agree will be discovered.”

The time limit. State out loud “I agree will be discovered in .” This have the right to be half an hour, 2 hours, 1 day.. whatever before makes sense for you - make it a realistic goal. Don’t intend to discover it instantly, and also reinspect areas you’ve currently looked, even if you’re sure it wasn’t tbelow prior to.

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I have actually personally supplied this approach to discover lacking items multiple times, and it’s always functioned. I’ve provided this to help my boyfriend discover absent items - he’s always hesitant, yet he always finds it withwhile limit, practically constantly in a place he swears he checked three times currently.