In space Arena: build & Fight, you are as good as your ship design is. And also I’m right here to aid you get far better by sharing several of the best an are Arena: develop & Fight delivery builds the will provide you win after victory and assist you unlock better weapons and also ship designs.

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We have already shared some tips and also tricks for the video game in a ahead article and touched some important ship architecture tips as well, yet now ns am going come share some ship build for an are Arena: develop & Fight that really occupational wonders and help you obtain a ton the wins.

I will be fair and also admit that i wasn’t may be to construct awesome ships with all the designs that I have unlocked for this reason far, so i am only sharing those that have worked. Ns will likewise update this article as i receive new designs from other players or as I control to construct perfect ships myself.

So right now, let’s examine out mine recommended room Arena: build & Fight delivery builds below: an excellent designs that will certainly guarantee you significant wins!

Space Arena: develop & Fight finest Corvette design:


This has been, for some strange reason, my many successful architecture ever and also I am still able to defeat v it level 7 and level 8 ships without a problem!

I am not really sure, to it is in honest, what provides it for this reason overpowered, but I am sharing the style with you and I am certain you’ll have similar success rates. However running through two combat shields and also 4 combat armors to defend the engines and reactors, that does yes, really well in defense and last a long time in battle.

With the various species of damage, that keeps attacking and also attacking till it it s okay the project done… and also even though there’s no laser used, it still go a an excellent job versus all species of enemies. A really tough nut come crack, so extremely recommended ship design!

Space Arena: build & Fight finest Raven design:


And here is the build for the smaller ship:


Another OP ship and also one that the best in the at an early stage stages the the game, the Raven offers a ton that firepower many thanks to its extr ships. It’s true, the smaller sized ones can’t pack a most weapons and are quickly destroyed, yet they action as additional damage dealers and also decoys, offering you enough time to perform well in battle.

As you have the right to see, i went for full Laser damage for the key ship due to the fact that at this phase most world use a huge amount of Combat Shields that space useless versus lasers. The ship itself doesn’t have a lot of shielding, however it has sufficient to keep it alive, having actually in mind the the two smaller ships will attract in fairly some damages as well.

Now in stimulate to get some variety, I’ve fitted the smaller sized ships with a strong missile launched and also an extra cannon for added short range damage, as these ships will usually be really close come the adversary ship.

A fatal combo that i am quiet trying come perfect, however it still works really well because that now.

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These would certainly be mine recommended delivery builds for an are Arena: develop & Fight best now. I’ll make certain to upgrade this list with much more designs as I manage to develop them – yet you are also welcome to include your own suggestions and also designs in the comment section listed below by explicate the weapons and defenses used.