Are you about or reasoning to head out to Peru? here are 26 that the most interesting facts around Peru, that’ll gain you inspired for that southern America adventure holiday!


1. If you have ever before come across the Peruvian expression “Soy mas Peruano que la papa” climate you’ll already know the it means; “I am more Peruvian than the potato”. This comparison describes the truth that Peru is the place of beginning of 3000 varieties of Potatoes!

2. Are you fond the corn? Visit Peru! v over 55 different corn varieties accessible in different colours, you’ll be “corned out” in no time at all!

3. Gift the world’s 6thlargest yellow producer, Peru created 162 tonnes the gold, in 2010, precious a lining US$6,377,865,888!

4. Choose cute furry animals?Best no to check out on then…The “Cuy” otherwise recognized as Guinea Pig is savoured as a Peruvian classic dish, usually offered whole during festivals.

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5. Peru is home to the second largest populace of Shamans in the world,after India.

6. Have actually you ever taken into consideration taste testing cat because that lunch? If you room in Chincha (Peru’s southerly coast) you can!

7. Peru is the proud producer the ‘Pima’ and also ‘Tanguis’, the two ideal cottons in the world.


8. America’s earliest university, the national University of mountain Marcos, started in 12 May, 1551, is locatedin Peru.

9. If you love surfing then you have the right to experience among the world longest left hand allude break waves in Chicama. It can break as much as 2.2 kilometres long!

10. Peruvians celebrate their independence Day, ‘Fiestas Patrias’, onJuly 28.


11. Once South America’s most powerful city and also Peru’s capital, Lima shed its power v the Spanish creation of the viceroyalty in Rio de la Plata.

12. The element Amazon rain forestcovers two-thirds of Peru.


13. The "sacred city" that Caral-Supe, situatedtothe north of Lima, is well-known to be the oldest residence of the aboriginal American people. The site procedures up come 1546 acres and also has a background of 5000 years!

14. The Arequipa regionishome to the Cotahuasi Canyon, among the world’s deepest - 3,535 metres (11,597 feet), twice the height of the cool Canyonin theUSA.

15. The American explorer Hiram Bingham rediscovered the lost Inca citadel the Machu Picchu ~ 100 years, the entry was surprise from Spanish Conquistadors in the Jungle.


16. If you wish to view more than 27 snow-dusted peaksinonearea, you need to visit the Huascarán national Park. All these peaks climb 6000 metres(or19,685 feet) over sea level, the El Huascarán, 6,768meters (or22,204 feet_ height being the highest.

17.Cusco, the most far-reaching and essential city that the ancient Inca Empire, spread out its administration to Quito,Ecuador (in the north) and Santiago, the funding ofChile (in the south).

18. If you space in Peru, nothing forget totry theNational Drink ‘Pisco Sour’,made of lemons, sugar water, egg whites, ice and Pisco brandy, finished through bitters! Yum!

19. Although the 3 officially recognised language of Peru are Spanish, AymaraandQuechua, the indigenous Peruvians, resident in the east of Andes in the Amazon jungle, speak 13 languages.

20. Peru is house to 1625 types of orchids. If you visit Machu Picchu you can discover 425 varieties farming naturally. If you room staying near the Inkaterra Hotel, check out their repertoire of 5000 varieties!

21. Peru has actually a distinctive tradition the presenting yellow underpants come friends and also family on brand-new Year’s Eve. Nothing forget to pack your “yundies” if travelingover theNew year!

22.Lake Titicaca, situated in southern Peruhas the legendary statusof beingthe earth’s highest navigable Lake (it is alsoSouth America’s largest).

23. Travel through Peru to experience bio-diversitywith one incredible90 different micro climates!

24. Peru claims to it is in the world’s 8thranked largest coffee producer and also 5thranked largest ‘Arabica’ bean producer.

25. Measuring as much as 3,860 feet (1,176 meters),Cerro Blanco, the world highest herbal sand dune is found in the desolate Sechura Desert nearby tothe famed Nazca Lines.

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26. Machu Picchu was one of the couple of Inca historical sites not destroyed by the Conquistadors that went on one aggressive project to wipe the end all Inca religious monuments and relics prefer the Intiwatana.

These are simply some the the exciting facts you can discover around Peru, check out ours Peru trips to discover out how you can discover Peru, the ‘Empire of concealed Treasures’ for yourself.