South Park - The Stick of Truth produced by Ubisoft.Images supplied for educational objectives only.

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Mayor McDaniels is uncovered in City Hall. Speak to her to unlock the pursuit. Now you need to situate seven Homemuch less Camps spread throughout South Park. Many require stepping off the beaten route a tiny.
The first Homeless Camp you"re likely to find is near Kenny"s House in eastern South Park, past the railroad tracks. The hobo will stagger ameans from the hill of junk to the right of Kenny"s Housage and strike if you gain as well close.
This battle is surprisingly tough, considering it"s most likely the initially Hobo you"ll fight. He has many HP, hits rather tough (though predictably), and will heal / buff himself partway with the fight. He additionally has the majority of defense when he buffs himself, so your assaults will drop substantially in usefulness. However, you have the right to win this one at an early stage - just conserve your PP until he gains his buffs, then unleash your stronger attacks to chew up his continuing to be HP. His attacks are pretty simple to predict, so he shouldn"t obtain inmuchdamage.
The second dude is in the U-Stor-It truck external the U-Stor-It Storage Facility. Approach the truck from the rear and you"ll discover that you deserve to climb right into the trailer. Smack the trash you find inside to release the hobo.
This fight"s a lot much easier than the first. He"s accompanied by two Rats, true, however they"re exceptionally,veryweak. The Hobo himself has actually much less armor than the first, and also shouldn"t pose an excellent hazard.
This one is extremely easy to miss. There"s a tree on the left side of this display through a bird in a swarm. Look behind this tree to uncover a dirt path resulting in a camp.
By now the Hobos must be easy targets for you, though I perform recommfinish not entering this location till after you"ve completed Alien Abduction at a minimum. Three of them at a time have the right to get a tiny hairy. (There"s likewise a things bag ago here that have the right to just be plundered with Gnome Powder, so if you"re willing to wait eventhatlengthy...)
The remainder of the Homemuch less Camps are found in the sewers. They"re all detailed listed below, and shouldn"t be as well challenging to discover if you"re determined to search the totality drain system.
- As you make your way via the main path a pair of hobos will certainly show up and also strike you; fight them off to save the day. These males have reasonably high armour scores, so you"ll either have to whittle dvery own their defenses or rekind to special strikes / bleeding impacts to knock "em off.
- You"ll uncover the following camp at the bottom of a ladder, having caught Cornwallis, one of Mr. Hankey"s children. This fight is pretty much the same as the previous one you dealt with in the sewers.
- The third batch is camped out down the ideal route you"ll uncover after bring about the drain water to recede a tiny. They"re the very same as above, though the smaller sized rats have actually been reput by a Mutant Rat that"s even more dangerous. Still, normal techniques use. The Rat is probably the most dangerous as far as status ailments go, so remove it initially.
- The last Homeless Camp is close to the end of the sewers, not much from the 3rd encounter, and the only point to fear is the hobo"s sudden jump out of a trash pile. This lot just has one small rat on their side, and also is slightly easier than the others you"ve challenged dvery own right here.

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All done. Return to Mayor McDaniels and you"ll befrifinish her - and also get a tiny cash reward for your solutions. Sweet.