The boys shot to replace Cartman"s mass with a boy-shaped heap of bricks. Cartman"s ass cannot be replaced.

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Stan and also Kyle visit Token"s house to try to gain him to pardon Cartman. Turns out Token"s Dad likewise has a difficulty with dislike crime legislation.

Kyle, Stan, and also Token do a presentation come the Governor around the "Savage Hypocrisy" that is dislike crime legislation. And also it renders sense.

When Romper Stomper falls and also breaks his leg, Cartman is compelled to decide walk it alone or risk himself to stay with his friend? His answer is easy.

Cartman pays a final visit to Romper Stomper earlier in the pen, to provide him the best gift that all: a template park.
Chef do the efforts to acquire the parental to use an alternative treatment come ADD, however finds they"re also on Ritalin. He gets yes, really freaked out as soon as the boys present enthusiasm for Phil Collins.
Timmy performs through "Lords that the Underworld" at the fight of the Bands, and also they win. Some civilization love him, others feel like he"s being exploited.
Mr. Garrison quizzes the class on your homework indigenous the night before. Timmy, the new student, has a little bit of trouble communicating.
Timmy it s okay excused native homework based upon his diagnosis. When the class hears this, they all start claiming come have add as well.
After the entire class falls asleep during a analysis of "A Farewell to Arms," the doctor diagnoses every one of them with add and they space prescribed Ritalin.
"Lords that the Underworld" are having actually trouble making their music sound right. Castle hear Timmy and enlist him together the lead singer.
The whole course goes to the pharmacy to gain their prescriptions filled. Cartman"s mommy is warned about feasible Christina Aguilera hallucinations.
On the Charlie increased Show, Phil Collins voices his disapproval over what that sees as the exploitation of Timmy.

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